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  • He got a temp late last night so he had calpol but his legs do look sore 4 injections is a lot tho I think x

  • Hi ladies hope you and the little ones are all okay Lillian I hope ollie is feeling better now I'm Dreading Charlie's just glad it's after his birthday 

  • Poor Ollie. Hope he’s better soon. Dreading it. It’s so horrible seeing them upset 

  • Gosh I didn’t realise it was 4 jabs! I booked yesterday for 13th August for Js. 

    Hope ollie is better now! 

  • Hi he’s not too bad got a few marks in his legs but has been really unsettled at night which of course is exhursting ....MMR is a live vaccine so it’s ganna make him grouchy  

    hope everyone else is ok x

  • I’m not looking forward to the next ones. So far this weekend Isaac has trapped Joseph’s foot in the stair gate, he has also fel and cut his lip ☹️ should Be packing for holidays but its far to nice to be doing it.

    Hope Ollie is ok today. 

  • How's everyone coping in this heat what are the babies sleeping in its 24 in Charlie's room his window is wide open I don't know whether just a vest and a thin bag 

  • Oh no bincey. Hope they’re ok. 

    Kayleigh I’m going to go with just nappy and 2.5   bag or vest and 1 tog bag 

  • That's what I was thinking this heat is unbearable and even the fan doesn't do much 

  • It’s going to be hideous for the rest of the week. 

    Hope saoirse has a lovely birthday 🎂  

  • The night time isn’t so bad here, although I don’t think it’s been generally as hot down here (it’s still very warm) we have a baby gro and 1 tog sleeping bag but the egg says it’s 20 degrees.

    Hes ok thank you Louise. Guess that’s just a start of a lot of injuries to come. 

    Hope everyones ok

  • Hope Joseph is okay bincey Charlie fell and banged his head the other day and he's got a black eye :( ollys also got bruises on his legs from falling must look awful to other people 

  • Have a fantastic day Saoirse xxx

  • Happy Birthday Saoirse, hope you have a lovely day xx

  • Happy first birthday saoirse hope you enjoy it princess xx 

  • Happy birthday saoirse

  • Oh Katt, happy birthday to your little girl! We remember when Patrick was born, it's blooming flown by! 

    Hi everyone else too! Here are a few highlights of Latest Posts on the forum. 

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    And can you help with any weaning pointers? 
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    And this mum would some pointers about weaning too - is she giving her baby the right amount of food? 

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  • Happy birthday little lady hope you have a fab day ! 

  • Happy birthday saiorse!! Hope you’ve all had a lovely day katt! 

    Weve got j in just a nappy and a 1. tog. It’s 25c in his room! 

  • Hi ladies. We've had an absolute brilliant day.

    This time last year I was getting transfered back to the ward with my little baby girl.


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