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  • Glad she’s had a lovely day katt xx

  • It’s 26.7 I’m ollies room he’s got a really bad cold and a cough and conjunctivitis why is he always poorly he won’t stop winging tonight again I don’t understand what’s wrong with him weve been in with him all night he’s just not settling 

  • Poor ollie 😔 I really hope he feels better soon. Charlie has a cold too. Think it might be cos he's teething. It's so horrible to see them suffering. Plus the warm weather isn't helping. Could Ollies immunity be low because of all the problems he had when he was born?

  • I really don’t know the thing is he hardly had a sniffle until 6 months then since he’s been poorly all the time. everyone Keeps telling me it’s because he’s going to nursery n he’s building his immune system up ... 

  • Hope Charlie feel better soon did you get your referral through for him x

  • I love her cake Katt that's amazing :)

    Lillian I find they always get poorly after their jabs thats why I'm Dreading Charlie having his I hope he settles for you have you tried a fan in there or stripping him down to his nappy Charlie's in a vest and a bag tonight again 

  • Yes that’s true Lillian -it’s prob his jabs. Yes they have accepted Charlie’s referral so we are just waiting for an appt now 

  • LLouise what is the referral for? What do they assess? X

  • It’s for the paediatrician katt. They are concerned about his development 😞

  • It’s good they are setting the appointment set up louise... have you seen any progression with him he always seems tooo happy and smilely on pictures too xx 

    ollie is down for a nap I’m having a I can do this day today but I’ll see how long it last .. I’m trying to teach Ollie to drink from a cup and it’s soo funny we just both get soaked but he can do it and loves it x

  • Did they say how long an appt would take?

    Ive been waiting on Patrick's peds appt since November.

    At work today then off next week. Hardly been in. Feel useless

  • I don’t know how long we’ll have to wait for an  appt but going on past experience it won’t be any time soon. Yes you’re right Lillian he’s so happy and smiley . He always has been. I’m noticing some familiar traits starting to show themselves now he’s getting older - he loves opening and shutting doors and cupboards and loves spinning wheels. Don’t worry if any of the other babies love doing this as they all do to a degree but mine have always been over the top fascinated by it

  • Another hectic day here as my next youngest is 9 today. Charlie’s enjoying looking at the new toys but have no idea where I’m going to put them - the living room is jam packed 

  • Louise i hope you all have a lovely day 

    we are off to buy vanish and raisens lol ollies got a temp so here We go again lol 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Hi all had to do a mad dash to the doctors this evening in this incredible heat ollies been soo poorly and hes got a raging ear infection along with conjunctivitis and labourbed breathing and a cold which she thinks are except the ear viral so we have anitibotics for his ear. The doctor said to me he looks like he’s got the plague ! poor Baby 

    I feel so bad cuz he’s been tugging his ears but he does that when he’s tired bless him ! But we did take him to the doctors yesterday and saw a uselsss doctor who didn’t even check him over so all of this could have been avoided. 

    I did have a massive sense of dejavu cuz it was this date last year we had to rush down there with his breathing when he was admitted and I remeber it being the worse night of my life being told there was a problem with his heart ... luckily its nothing like that ! 

  • Sorry to hear that Lillian I hope he feels better soon chick xxxx

  • How’s ollie doing Lillian? 

  • So sorry to hear he’s so poorly Lillian. I really hope he feels a bit better today 

  • Antibiotics working a treat he’s had a fantastic day at nursery they said u wouldn’t of known we had him except he got bit by another child over a toy! hes ok n didn’t cry just wanted the toy back 🤣 n only got a tiny bruise how’s everyone else x

  • Lillian hope he gets better soon.

    Daniel stood up today with no support. Can't believe he is 1 on Sunday.

    Hope everyone is surviving the heat

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