July 2017 Toddlers



  • Today he’s got a temp of 38.9 he’s so wheezy just seen the doctor and they said if he’s not coping with 10 pufts of inhaler 4 hourly he needs admitting so need to keep an eye on him. They think he’s just got a nasty virus which is fine if we can make sure he’s coping with his wheezing x

  • Lillian, so sorry to read your son is poorly. We do hope today is kinder. 

    Hi everyone else too. We've just sotted this thread has topped the 1k post mark, so we have kicked you off a new continuation thread here. 

    Please do come on over. We'll lock this thread in a day or so, so you all have a chance to see this post. 


  • Locking this now peeps - thanks for coming over to the new thread. 

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