July 2017 Toddlers



  • Glad he's on the mend Lillian, olly ended up at a and E yesterday he fell over at nursery and cut his eyebrow open had to have it glued he was very good tho.

    Well done Daniel👏👏

  • Hope he’s ok Kayleigh ... well done Daniel ! 

    Ollie is still poorly he spiked a temp of 39.2 at nursery yesterday and apparently it’s could be his jabs but his ear infections won’t be helping. Their jabs can make them poorly up to 10 days after ! He had them last friday So hopefully he will be getting better soon 

  • Poor wee man.

    We're out down at the local rugby pitches so the kids can get a run about before it gets too hot.

    In Glasgow we never get temps like this. Ouur room was 29.7 last night.

    Away again on wed down to a place called Millport. Its a wee island off the west coast. Just me and the kids and my parents as my OH is having to work.

  • Hope he feels better soon Lillian Charlie seems to be coming down with something as well he feels really warm and he's got cold symptoms. He's been really grizzly and unsettled the last two days I don't think the heats helping him either.

    That sounds nice Katt :) the boys are away with my mum from next Mon to Fri 

  • Oh wow Kayleigh child free how do you feel about that ? 

  • Can she take mine too lol

  • just catching up. 

    are both ollies okay? 

    Well done Daniel for standing up! 

    i officially have a walker, only a about 5/6 at a time at the moment but getting there quite quick! 

    I cant believe we’ve got nearly 1 year olds, 9 days until Js one! 

    Oh is away for a stag do this weekend and other than his hospital stay it’s the first time alone overnight with j so quite nervous as silly as that sounds! 

  • Well done to the clever babies and hope the poorly babies are better. 

    Katt hope you have a lovely time. 

    Dizzy hope your weekend goes smoothly. 

    Charlie is rampaging round the living room. He is full of beans and doesn’t seem tired at all. He moves around a lot more now. He slithers rather than crawls but can get to where he wants to go.

  • Kayleigh your mum sounds fantastic! 

  • There going to skeg with her and my family it feels weird having a week of no children first time for three years it'll just be me and the oh. I'm planning on doing everything that I cnt usually get done tho starting with cleaning my carpets lol 😂.

    Charlie sounds likes he will be walking in no time Louise Charlie walks with his walker but other than that he still crawls and has the occasional bum shuffle 

  • Saoirse is powering away with the walking...mainly chasing Patrick.

    Id just sleep, cinema, pub quiz and maybe some shagging 🤣 or get my ironing done and clean a cupboard 

  • I would definitely sleep 😴 

  • Lol Katt that's so funny I don't think Itll be anything too exciting tho lots of sleep sounds nice 

  • Hope you have a good week though mummytooandc! 

    Hhows the sleeping going Louise? have you started with cows milk now? 

    1 night survived, although feeling slightly meh as haven’t heard anything from oh since I messaged at 11 saying night and I know hell have been in clubsall night so get slightly paranoid and worried. 

  • Aww dizzy you know what men are like he’s probs paraletic passed out in bed. My husband is a nightmare when he’s drunk but luckily he doesn’t go out often at all ! 

    Ollie slept a little better last night no episodes of screaming just woke up about half 3 then about 5 times until he woke up at half 6 he was just winging. But me and OH have what I assume hes got sort throat, ears cold so he slept downstairs. He said oh I didn’t get to sleep until 3 I was thinking bull cuz I was awake then lol he always think he’s got a rough deal I’m sure although he would never say it. 

    Ollie is letting go and standing on his own for quite a long time now but no steps yet... yesterday he wanted to play in the big pool with me and played for an hour and a half in the water which he never ever wants to play in the water i feel like we made massive progress. I was saying to my husband I always compare him to my cousins little girl who at 1 was climbing a slide and everything So he seems miles behind But he’s not lol x

  • after writing That I took ollies temp and it’s 40.5! Just called 111 they are ringing us back 

  • Oh dear Lillian he cnt seem to get a brake atm can he hope he feels better soon. I hope Charlie is better today just on my way home now 

    Dizzy I'm sure he passed out chick xx

  • No he really can’t its litrally ever other week something new and scary to worry about .. I know it’s nursry and boosting his immune system but I just think this one his body isn’t coping very well. they think it’s his injections but he’s got so much more going on that we don’t wanna miss anything like his ear infection and his cough I worry so much about sepsis you just see horror story’s online don’t you and I’ve had it and didn’t know about it and ultimately that is what my gran died off so I just worry when I seen 40.5 my Heart was in my mouth bless him 

  • Have 111 called back lillian? Does he feel hot? 

    I sent him a pic of J at 8 and got a reply saying he’s had about 4 hours sleep so least he’s alright.

  • Thankyou Danielle for the lovely book! Charlie has really enjoyed looking at it 😃

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