July 2017 Toddlers



  • Lillian I hope ollies ok. Maybe take him to out of hours to put your mind at rest. Although I suppose temperatures may be a little higher than usual because of the hot weather so maybe it’s not quite as high from his illness as the thermometer says but best to be on safe side 

  • Yeah we took him basically said that wait to see and try keeping his temp down but anything too high take him back so they can assess him again 

  • Thanks for the book Danielle olly and Charlie have both enjoyed reading it and I'm sure itll be read again tonight at bedtime 

  • How's he doing now lillian xx

  • Hope Ollie’s Temp has gone down Lillian! 

    Thank you for the book Danielle :) j’s Started to get the idea of openong and closing the book so it’s great :)

  • Cnt believe the July 2018 babies could be born anytime now still cnt believe our babies are entering toddler hood now 10 days til Charlie's one and I feel both excited and sad about it lol 😂 

  • Yeah still spiked a temp in the night but hes keeping it down after nurofen if this is the jabs i really feel for all of us I was reading and they can get symptoms 6-10 days then from 3 months ater that’s when the mumphs one works bloody crazy !

  • I'm dreading them Lillian hope ollie feels better soon 

    The boys are away tomorow don't know what to do with myself all week it's weird how two little people can control your whole life 

  • I bet it will be so strange Kayleigh. make sure you enjoy your time xx 

    we’ve been to splash landings water park at Alton Towers today. Charlie was so good and he absolutely loved it! 

  • Is it good Louise I want to take the boys out for their birthdays to alton towers hopefully I'll pass my driving test it's booked for the 26th of this month. I'll try I'm just nervous about them being away although I know their safe 

  • Id pack my 2 off in a heart beat. 

    We were over at my brothers for a bbq today. My cousins were over as well. Patrick was doing his usual running all over the place and I just feel the sympathic stares in my back and know they'll be talking about me once I'm gone.

    Got home and our tv is broken 😭

  • Yes it's good Kayleigh. Although there is a minimum height for some of the things so might not be such good value. It would depend how tall Olly is. Wow exciting about the driving! 

    Katt you will soon grow a thick skin xx 

  • Easier said than done chick but just let it roll of your back end of the day you're doing the best you can for patrick and he's a happy and loved boy.

    Louise would Charlie be able to go on anything 

  • Kayleigh do you mean at the water park or the normal Alton Towers? At the normal Alton Towers he would be fine on CBeebies world rides . In the water park he could go in the normal pools. It’s just the water slides he wouldn’t be able to go on. 

  • Thanks chick I was generally on about both so that's good to know I didn't want to take them and then Charlie not be able to do anything 

    Wasn't it Daniels birthday yesterday or am I confused? 

  • It was Daniels birthday yesterday he thoroughly got spoilt and loved it he gave mum and daddy a birthday treat and and took his first steps. image

  • I thort it was Charlie happy birthday little man hope he had a great day he looks so excited xxx

  • Hope daniel had a great time! Yay another walker. 

    Saoirse just had her jags and oh man she screamed the place down.

    our tv broke yesterday so my husband's having to go out tonight and get in a new in

  • Oh good luck katt I know most babies are fine and its very rear they react like Ollie I’m told. 

    Weve moves ollie to the big room today his room looks so cool bless him I howeve have pulled My shoulder and it kills 

    ollie is desperate to walk he lets go stands for a While looking at me like why am I not moving 😂

  • Happy birthday for yesterday !!!! X

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