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This is a new thread for the lovely folks from our July 2017 Babies Club, whose equally lovely babies are now turning one and heading into toddlerhood!

If you have a toddler (born in July 2017), do please feel free to post here, too, and join in. We'd love to have you!




  • Wow can’t believe we’re on a toddler thread! This time last year I’d just been told I was being induced today and had had a scrape. Little man kept us waiting another day though! 

  • Sweep not a scrape! Didn’t think that sounded right 😂

  • It’s so scary to think we’re here already! I remember waiting for your updates Louise...I thought I was going to be the last one standing, but little man had other ideas. 

  • 😂😂 a sweep is bad enough, a scrape is on a different level 😂

  • I was scared as had gone to hospital on bus for scan when they told me they were going to induce me and gave me a sweep and as it was my 6th and my 5th was born an hour after a sweep I was petrified I was going to give birth on the bus home as I had to go home to get my things 😂 

    What date is Joseph bincey? 

  • I remeeber you telling us u had been induced louise and I remeber your picture that our sent so clearly In my memory. We just went to the park and off to mc Donald’s now hehe 

  • I can't believe it either my little man kept me waiting till the 1st but think third time Thursday I was in hospital to only be discharged as he wasn't ready to come

  • I was only going in for growth scan and they told me I wasn’t going home. That was 7th they started induction and he made an appearance on the 9th.

    sounds like your having a lovely day Lillian 😊

  • Happy birthday Ollie...and me!

    I can remember this time last year chasing my boy through my office as I'd popped in for lunch with my husband. When i got home i decided i wasn't going out again until the baby was born. 

    Even though saoirse is walking i refuse to call her anything but my baby lol.

  • Happy birthday katt! 

    Sounds like a lovely day Lillian xx 

    It was boiling hot this time last year. I bet it was the photo of me just in a black vest thing. I looked enormous. I was so hot and had a shower and shaved my legs as well as I could ready to go back to be induced but was so sweaty again as it was so hot. 

  • It was extremely hot this time last year! 

    Happy Birthday Katt, hope your having a lovely day x

  • Have you had a good birthday Katt? Lillian is ollie trying his first Mcdonald then :) hope he's a good day.

    Cnt believe we're a toddler thread now I remember anxiously waiting to see hows birth announcement would be next :) 

  • Hello ladies weighed Joseph today and he is exactly the same as he was 10 weeks ago 19lb 2. I know he’s obviously a lot more active now, but I’ve always had big babies so it’s abit new to me. Do you think this is ok? 

  • Ollie hasn’t really gained anything either since March I wouldn’t worry too much they are alot more active now.... 

    how does everyone get their littles to sleep at night .. ollie is rubbish at self settling I really don’t know what to do CIO does not work for us tonight hasnt been too bad I just sort of kept putting him back on his back then left him a little bit and he did finally go to sleep but he does really fight bed time 

  • We usually give him his milk and then he will either go straight off or usually we have to keep lying him down. However he isn’t drinking his milk at the moment so we’re at a brick wall. 

  • Hope ollie settles Lillian, Charlie only has a milk at night and first thing in the morning other than that he prefers water with a drop of juice in it 

  • Yeah we only have 2 x 7oz (on a normal day) he’s not had any today! Do you swap to cows milk at 1, I feel like a new parent today 😬 Isaac now has hand, foot and mouth roll on next Wednesday x

  • Yeh you can buy the stage 3 milk bincey but at 1 they can have normal cows milk so it seems silly to waste money on formula that you don't really need. Charlie's only 19lb as well I was worried he was tiny but he eats like a horse and is so active he just burns everything off, if only I could do that🙈

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