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Spiders in bedroom nightmare?

New to this group and in need of some help!! Basically I'm a father (sorry I know it’s a mums page) to my three year old child and basically over the last 3/4 nights every night he has been waking up screaming that there are spiders in his bed and his room... we (myself and my partner) have literally tried everything to reassure him there isn't... we even took all his bedding off and put new bedding on when we realised he had Spider-Man bedding on and maybe that was causing it... we did this but he still wouldn't settle so we let him sleep in our room. Then the second night around 1am he woke up again screaming clearly agitated and the same "spiders in my room" speech started again so we reassured him but after 45 minutes to an hour of constant crying we had to put him in our room again. 

The following day I got air freshener spray and made out to my son it was spider vanishing spray and it will get rid off all the spiders my son was very happy with this. 

All day he was saying there's no more spiders and he has been absolutely fine with playing in his room throughout the day. 

However again last night the screaming started when he woke up again at 12-12:30am (he goes to sleep at 7pm no problems at all each night) we thought enough of this and decided this is simply Oliver playing up to get into our room and decided to play strict parent and wouldn't let him back in our room for another night. We told him he's being silly and took his tv out his room for him crying so much and literally screaming at the top of his voice. 

He was even pointing at the floor to his mum saying it's there (there was nothing there of course) but every time my partner would point to the place she thought he was pointing too he would say no. We really are knackared my partner is pregnant with our second child and we are just completely shattered.

Woke up this morning to hear my son singing at the top of his voice "spider spider where are you here I am here I am how do you do"!!!! 

 I'm on my way to work now and can't even keep my eyes open on the bus. Has anyone got any advice at all please or even anything that we're doing wrong to tell us because we really don't know what to do to help him and help us. Thank you in advance.

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