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Nappies.....Where do I go next??

Hi everyone,

I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction.  My son is 18 months old and in Baby Dry size 7 pampers.  He wees a lot at night and it is always really full in the morning.  We've tended to move up a size when its started to leak and his clothes are damp by the morning which is the point I'm at now.  So my question is, as I can't seem to find a size 8, where do I go from here?  Any ideas would be much appreciated.

Thanks :)


  • Hi Charlie thisnhappened with my oldest and we couldn’t get size 7’s at the time :( 

    we set a cut off time for her last drink at night as she would drink juice all day and we put her into pull ups aswell..

    Hope this helps 

  • I would pop your son on the loo about 10pm at night - like a dream wee - might sound scary like you're going to wake him up, but hopefully, he should empty his bladder. Otherwise, you need to try pullups, though i'm not sure they are as absorbent. 

  • We Had this exact same problem with my 2yo... has always had him  the next size up babydry for nighttime but then that stopped working... I tried everything from different brands to chainring him when we went to bed to cutting down his nighttime milk, nothing worked! 

    Then someone recommended ‘Sposies’... they worked!!! We have been using them for a good 6months or so now & they are still working a treat!! I’ve recommended them to others too who have also had instant success with them! They are a real life (and laundry!) saver!!


  • My son is 15 months and he pees ALOT day and night and I change his nappy before I go to bed he doesn’t know anything about it and is still asleep when I do this. If i didn’t change it he would be absolutely soaked. Maybe try that?

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