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can you turn it off???? lol

my 2 year old daughter has just said'im scared can you turn the rain off?' lol how cute


  • Thats really sweet, bless her. I wish my daughter was that age sometimes, like now because all she can do is ask questions about dealth lol. There learning about god and jesus at school, she is 6 so i have to be very carefull what i say lol :\)
  • Ah thats the cutest thing ever!!! image
  • mrs is she feeling better now?my partner has a 7 year old daugher and is asking a lot about that at the mo as we lost the last baby so she is a bit concerned this time
  • It's never easy after having lost a baby, not for you or anyone around you, but life has a habbit of moving on. Good luck if the rain starts again :\)
  • i have sut the conservatory now so its not as loud!
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