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This is a new thread for the lovely folks from our August 2017 Babies Club, whose equally lovely babies are now turning one and heading into toddlerhood!

If you have a toddler (born in August 2017), do please feel free to post here, too, and join in. We'd love to have you!




  • Hello ladies. Hope you are all well. Can you believe our babies are almost 1?! It’s amazing how quickly time has gone, we are now walking and constantly on the move! Time does fly when you are havinv fun! X

  • Hello Ladies and little ones I cannot believe my little man is 1 in under 2 weeks madness here are a few recent pics of Xavier and for his birthday we are gatectashing my great nephews 5th birthday party as xavier was born on his 4th bday. X                       imageimageimage

  • imageimageAww lovely pictures. How are everyones babies in the heat? Oliver has really struggled x

  • Hi girls! 

    Rocco is one on a Friday, scary or what?! I’m getting abit sad about it, kind of want another but hubby says no 😂 

    he’s very nearly walking, here’s my cheeky chops image

  • mia seems really slow looking at ur babies she is only just starting to try and crawl not standing or walking we had two hospital visits this week as is a breath holder 

  • image

    Evening ladies!! Look at all our little beauts! Can’t believe they’re all going to be one soon!! Hudson is up and walking/trying to run everywhere!! We have a cakesmash shoot on 10th for him and then a little family bbq on his actual Birthday on 11th! 

    We also had our scan today for our new little bean and he/she is due on Feb 13th 😄😄😄

  • We can't believe how big these babies are! darcy123, what is Mia under the hospital for? Also, my two never walked until 15 months and 18 months so don't worry too much - all in their own time! 

    Also, please can everyone PM me your full name and address so we can send your gifts! 

  • she has blue breath holding attacks 

  • Aww smile, how exciting for you!! 

    ive got rid of most of the baby stuff now, a little piece of me feels empty each time I sell something cause I know that’s it now, no more babies, but I couldn’t cope with a 4th 😂😂 

    Darcey, has she always done that or is it a new thing? 

  • this one is new but still under the docs to find out whats going cant believe she 1 on friday

  • Hi everyone! Lovely photos! Smile I’m glad the scan went well, I’ve been thinking about you 😄 so exciting! 

    We’re loving summer, lots of beach and garden fun. 


    Can’t believe this time last year we were all waiting to go into labour, Seven is 1 next Saturday! 

    This is what I caught my monkey doing today 🤪


  • Omg Boots!!!! Seven is an actual little dare devil 😂😂😂😂

  • Hi everyone, we hope you and your families are doing well. 
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  • Hi everyone just thought I'd pop in and say hi Lyra turned 1 yesterday we had a great day image

  • Happy Birthday for Yesterday Lyra ....... I feel really bad I didn't pop in and post anything up for Xavis bday last Sunday  but he wasnt 100% himself we still had a party though and he seemed to like the bouncy castle which was the first time he had been on one ...imageimage

  • Xaviers that's is not Xavis. X

  • imagehi ladies

    hope you are all well. sorry I haven't been on in so long. Gosh big happy birthdays to all our babies, though they are babies no more. They are all super cute and look like they are getting so big and bold lol. Smile I didn't even see that you were pregnant again until just reading this thread. Huge congrats hun. I'm still saying one and we are done even though cian is great.

  • Just to let you girls know... we had our 16 week private gender scan today!! And we’re having a girl this time 💖💖💖 Perfection!

  • Aww that's fab news Smile a little sister for Hudson. Time to shop for the pink then. Congratulations to you all. X

  • Aww congratulations 😍😍 xx

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