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September 2017 Toddlers


This is a new thread for the lovely folks from our September 2017 Baby thread, whose equally lovely babies are now turning one and heading into toddlerhood!

If you have a toddler (born in September 2017), do please feel free to post here, too, and join in. We'd love to have you!




  • I can’t believe our babies are turning into toddlers 😢 how has it gone that quick!? 

    Nellie is 1 on 10th September. We are having a family gathering next Sunday, a party on 9th and off to the zoo on her birthday. Lots of celebrations 😃 then 5 days later we are off to a villa in south of France for a week... first time flying with her, eeeek! 

    Hope they all have lovely birthday xx

  • Awwww hope all your little ones have a fab 1st birthdays - our twin boys as you may know we're due in Sept but came early so have already had their first birthday. 

    Heres a pic of a year ago today as they came out of hospital after nearly a month in Neonatal intensive care unit and another pic of them recently 💚💚




    Their both doing very well & are gaining weight nicely. No crawling as yet but sit up well & love their food and sleep round the clock from 7pm :) 

    Hope everyone's little ones are doing well :) 

    x x x

  • I lost the thread from last year! I’m sooooo glad MFM emailed me to tell me about this group! Chelseajojo, I remember your boys arriving! They’re so big now 😍 my little one, Jacob will be one on 3rd September, I want him to stay a baby forever 😂 hope everyone is doing well and had a good first year of their babies life!! Xx

  • hey ladies!!

    chelseajojo lovely pics of the twins they look so grown up so gorgeous!!’ 💙💙

    How are we now being moved onto toddlers thread!? 😭 I don’t know about anyone else but kady is my little baby an will be till she’s like 5! 🤣🤣 I’m really enjoying every little part of her daily! They just grow too quickly my eldest is going high school in september I cant cope with all this growing up stuff 😩💖

    Has anyone wanted to a cake smash for their baby? Well I looked around for prices & they were way over priced really. And I can’t ever walk away from my kids photos they always rob me 🤣😍🙈 

    So I decided to do my own at home on my iPhone 7 😂🙌🏽 Hi 5 mumma’s club!

    Got some bed sheets ordered a few props on eBay & away we go 😆🍰💃

    Here’s a few of my favourites from this morning 😁🌈🌎 can’t believe my rainbow girl is one next month!! Xx







  • Max wasn’t one yesterday! I can’t believe how quickly the last year has gone!! We‘re having a party in the garden tomorrow with family and a few of his little friends. We took him to the zoo yesterday and he loved that! That’s a fab idea to do your own cake smash! Max had cake for breakfast yesterday 😂😂 image

     I want to keep him little forever!! X

  • So lovely to hear from you all and see how much these babies have grown and changed! Please do pop me over, via PM your name and address so we can send your toddler gift! 

  • imageimageimage

    My cheeky girls last week being a “baby” - a week today and she’ll be one. I really can’t believe it 😢. 

    We had a mini party (bbq) on Saturday with her big party this Sunday & we are off to the zoo on Monday.

    She is now walking everywhere too! safe to say, her sleep has improved!! X

  • imageimageimageimage

    I love her unicorn headband!! its crazy how fast they’ve grown! Max enjoyed his party on Saturday, especially all the food and most importantly cake! image

  • My beautiful rainbow girl Kady was 1 yesterday!! We had fun at our local soft play had a few family members round for cake number 1! She had an amazing day!!! She’s having her party & christening on Sunday!! So excited!! Happy birthday to all you other beautiful babies!! 😍😍🎊🎊😘😘💖💖








  • Love the pictures! Nellie was one on 10th September and we had her party on 9th. We went to the zoo for her birthday & she absolutely loved it. 


    We’re currently on holiday in the south of France. Complete different experience being on holiday with a baby who constantly wants to walk! Xx

  • image Thank you for Nellie’s book xx

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  • Hey everyone hope your all well 🤗

    how are you all getting on? 

    Kadys 13 months tomorrow so crazy how quickly the first year goes! She is a little menace she’s into everything I think worse than her sisters at this age 😩🤣🤦🏽‍♀️ But still enjoying every minute of her she’s so such a clever little bub 💕💖

    heres a few pics of her recently 




  • She is so beautiful teeteee! 💗 

  • Hello all, how are you doing? I can’t believe our babies are nearly 2! 

    We’ve also recently found out we’re expecting baby number 2 due in April 2020! Xx
  • I’ve just come on here because we’ve just found out we’re expecting number 2 in May 2020 thought I’d have a look if anyone had posted, the last two years have definitely gone by very quickly! Hope you are well! X
  • Congratulations Frankie86!! I’m also Pregnant again! Due Halloween 👻 2019. So I don’t have long left! Found this pregnancy a lot harder than the 1st. Maybe because I’m older. 😂
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  • Hiya everyone, 
    How are you all doing? Hope everyone is well and the new arrivals are all ok.
    Can't believe we now have 2 year olds! 
    Georgie and Teddy are doing well - apart from their development delays and a few other health issues they are otherwise very happy boys. They have various hospital appointments still which is pretty tiring for them and mummy but so happy the little 32 weekers are doing ok otherwise. 
    I have added a pic of the boys and I at their development centre photoshoot. 
    Georgie in the stripe and Teddy in the navy. 
    Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas xxx

  • Hi @ChelseaJojo we remember you so well and your beautiful boys - aren't they handsome! So lovely to hear from you- when your name popped up, we were wondering if you were coming to tell us you're pregnant again 🤔😂
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