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July 2017 Toddlers - Part 2

Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the July 2017 Toddler peeps, as the original thread has become huge and now has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.




  • Hey ladies another Threat hehe 

  • We talk a lot 😂😂 

    you would think they would give him a nebuliser or steroids. Just to get him better. Bless him, really hope it clears up soon x

  • They’ve said today that 10 puffs of his inhalour is basically the same as a nebuliser however we can only give him it every 4 hours so if it’s not making him better or he’s worse in the night he needs back to back nebulisers in hospital. They are reluctant to give steriods because he’s already had one lot in june/July for wheezing and it can do more harm than good in terms of development if there so young. She’s writing to the pediactrits  who we are already under for a review but they did already pick up his wheezing when we last went so Hopefully they will review that too at the hospital on the second of October. They also need to know if the Complications of the PDA and how poorly he was at birth would have an impact on him now so she’s asking them to review that also. It does seem strange that he was Fine when he was little and on his medication than as soon as we stopped the medication for his heart he got wheezy and a constant cough.

    we just need to watch him and make sure he doesn’t get worse if he does he needs to be in hospital 

  • Sorry to hear hes not well again Lillian hope he doesn't end up being admitted. Charlie's still full of cold and he's not eating as well as usual :( I hate this time of year when it's so wet and damp.

    Cnt believe how many threads this group has haha 😂 most groups have died down by now but we're still nattering away ❤️. 

  • Onto thread 2 already! 

    sorry ollie Is so ill Lillian. Any better this evening? 

  • Yeah a little better just keeping on top of his inhaler I really hope we have a good night because we are all exhausted x

  • Hope he is more settled this evening. 

     had my interview yesterday and found out today I got the job 😬 I was so nervous and know I didn’t interview well so really pleased. And then lost 2.5lb at sw! 

    Hope everyone is ok x

  • Well done bincey great day for you !!! Xx

    what will your job involve ?

  • Congrats bincey :) you planning on progressing to your nursing from there then? 

  • Ive just had the oddest experience of my life. My friend got me a Tibetan massage for my birthday and ive just been. A beautiful hot french man was giving me what is actually a medical message. He has corrected a twist in my ankle and told me that the opening between my intestines is inflamed and then asked me about my periods. I actually want to die!!!

    Well done on the jon bincey x

  • Lillian I hope he improves today. It must be really worrying for you. 

    Bincey well done! That's fantastic news!

    That sounds like a great present katt! A bit unusual  I bet it was great. 

  • Feel a bit down today. Just did a pregnancy test and was negative so looks like it's going to be a trickier journey than I'd hoped to get Charlie a little friend 😔

  • Aww Louise sending hugs maybe you just need a month or two for your body to feel normal again x when are you due AF 

    ollies still poorly but think he’s over the worse now thank goodness x 

  • Big hugs Louise, hopefully now you’ve got through this month and your body has regulated you will be lucky next cycle. I know how heartbreaking it is.

    i am in clinical oncology, with all the chemo patients, it’s extremely hard at times but I enjoy it. I will looking into starting nursing traning in the new year through the hospital.

    katt that sounds interesting, did you feel good after it?

    Lillian really hope Ollies now on the mend. 

    Hows things Kayleigh?

  • Thanks ladies. AF is not due till mon/tues but I’ve had a good line on first response at this stage before and it’s totally negative so am sure It’s not my month. will have to see what happens next month. I just feel depressed at the thought of all the stress of trying to dtd at the right times again next month.  Also my credit card bill is due tomorrow and Hubby will go mad cos I bought loads of pregnancy tests last month on it when I had my chemical so he’s going to be cross the bill is so high. 

  • Aww hun I’m sure if you be honest he will totally get it xx you just wanted to know what was going on x

  • Yes hope so especially as I’m bound to feel miserable as I have one frer left and even though I know I shouldn’t I’m bound to use it tomorrow morning and then feel really down when it’s negative. 😞

  • Sorry about the negative Louise, hope you’re okay.

    congrats on the job bincey- great news!!

  • Thanks dizzy xx 

  • Sorry to hear that Louise hope it happens soo for you. I'm so down ladies ive been having some trouble with other staff on my ward people saying things about me that are horrible and I got to work tonight and it was so bad I asked to be moved to another ward for my shift. It feels like the last straw I've got so much horrible things going on atm I don't need anymore stress I feel like quitting my job but I know I won't get any help financially if I do

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