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This is a new thread for the lovely folks from our October 2017 Baby thread, whose equally lovely babies are now turning one and heading into toddlerhood!

If you have a toddler (born in October 2017), do please feel free to post here, too, and join in. We'd love to have you!



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  • Heey, I was thinking exactly the same, our babies are nearly 1 and I remember we were all posting about the early stages of our pregnancy! That’s mad!! 

    Andre is a little cheeky monkey with such a cute personality! Fairly chilled but with little tantrums already 😂😂

    He’s got 8 teeth and walking already which means one tired mama. I struggle with his sleep as well Dinky152 as he keeps waking up many times a night and lately he wakes up around 2 am and won’t go back to sleep. All he wants to do is walk walk walk! 😩😩imageimageimageimageimage

  • Awww gorgeous pics, there growin up so fast.

    Xanders a lovely happy little boy , full of smiles,giggles and has such a cheeky personality . Hes not quiet walking yet but hes walking round with furniture ect . He also loves playing peek a boo and toy cars with his sisters . His other favorite thing to do is hide his dummys under the sofas or rug and shouts gone whilst giggling away lol . He has 9 teeth threw and a good eater , he will have a try at anything . Only foods we have found he dosent like upto now is tomatos and cumber.

    Dinky152 , hubbys booked the day off , so were just having a family day together , decorate the house with banners and balloons for him , with little party tea and cake . my mum and partner will be coming over also .  Bought his pressies ready , just need to wrap them for his big day x


  • image

    Hello everyone! 

    Cant believe we are talking about 1st birthdays already, it’s so crazy! 

    Mia is absolutely full of beans. Constantly moving, starting to stand on her own and will walk with a walker but no interest in walking holding our hands. Very lucky and she loves her sleep, always goes 12 hours undisturbed - don’t know how I’ve been so lucky!! 

    She has 7 nearly 8 teeth which all came through very quick, one after the other! 

    Just returned from a weeks holiday in Ibiza which was just lovely! She was such a good girl. Even with landing in bloody storm Ali or whatever it was 😩

    She turns 1 on October the 13th so having a day of family with a bit of party food and lots of balloons! 

    Cant get my head around how quick it’s gone! 


  • Hi ladies 

    Charlie will be 1 on the 3rd we will just having a quiet day with cake and presents we have organised a day to a local open farm at Halloween for pumpkin picking as I get the week off and my eldest can enjoy it as well.

    he has 6 teeth and is crawling but he has no interest in walking yet.  He loves nursery and he will eat everything.  He sleeps most of the night from 8pm to 7.30 if he wakes he is easily settled again.

     Charlie is very laid back, placid and happy nothing is to much bother.  The girls in the nursery love him.

    He’s in age 2 clothing and he will be weighed at his next vaccinations which I’m not looking forward to.


  • Wow, it is wonderful to see so many of you here, and read your updates. We are loving these pictures too - these babies have really grown up. Please don't forget to PM me your name and address so we can send your toddler gift. 

  • Is anyone else excited and planning for christmas already or is it just me ?. I nipped to range yesterday an they have there christmas stuff out , little man was loving all the lights , massive smile on his little face , pointing an sayin look . Was so sweet . Made me want to put our tree and decorations up more lol .

    Hope your all well x

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  • I am so excited about Christmas too animal84, Im really looking forward to Ethan being able to enjoy it a little bit more. I’ve got all of his presents but keep seeing more I like! 

    Ill have to pop to the range today after his baby sensory class and have a look at the lights with him 😊

  • Hi ladies!

    I couldn't get on when this thread first popped up we were in Cyprus and crazy busy (not the usual 8 hour sunbathing day but so lovely having my baby boy there instead!) he was great on holiday and loved all the swimming, food and attention from everyone!

    My goodness hasn't this year just flown by? Is crazy! The babies are looking so gorgeous and grown up! I hope you're all well!

    Well Luke is doing great. He is such a happy smiley boy but is equally a cheeky monkey 😬 He is so good everyone comments on how sweet he is, we call him laidback Luke! Until recently he just rolled everywhere but has now progressed to a commando crawl. He is really strong & has sturdy legs, he will stand at the sofa for ages but is pretty happy playing on the floor most of the time so can't see him walking anytime soon! He says "Dada, Dad, Daddy" aaallll the time just now. Mostly only says "Mama, Mum, Mummy" when he's crying or if I'm not feeding him fast enough! He has a bit of a temper trying to push the boundaries and is definitely determined in everything he does! Wee cheeky chops 😍 He has 4 teeth but 5&6 are right under the gum but the pests are taking ages to cut through! Night time sleeping has been pretty bad recently and he's spent some time in our bed but we are steadily getting back to a better routine. All good intentions when awake and coffee fuelled but a different story sleep deprived at 2am😁! Luke is a great eater he eats everything so far so that's fab.

    I can't believe he will turn 1 on Tuesday! I'm feeling so emotional about it so hopefully we manage some family photos without my ugly cry face 😂 We are going to have to play it by ear weather-wise as I wanted to take him to a zoo on his actual birthday but it may rain so hopefully not! Then doing a DIY cake smash and just having a family birthday tea the Saturday after. What presents have you all gone for? Luke's main present is a smartrike, we had it out tonight to check it and it got me so excited! Bless him he will have no idea it's his birthday but I hope he has a great time and loves his presents! Will post some photos in next post!

  • Little man is 1 today , cant believe how quick this years gone . Hes such a cheeky happy boy . 

    Iv not finished my christmas shopping yet upto now , iv got him 2 jcb trucks and a thomas the tank play set . Were going to get him some more out the toot toot vtech range as he enjoys playing with them . Did you get chance to nip in range Dinky152 ? . 

    Memza89 , weve bought xander the vtech toot toot car garage some little cars to go with it and the pirate ship , some wooden puzzles , mega bloks and a little baby t rex that comes with a little drumstick baby shake and it trys to follow , all so has diffrent learning functions on it too , his car garage seems to be his favorite tho . Oh and his balloons lol .

    Hope your all well xx

  • Yes Animal we did go in the range, Ethan loved it! There was so much for him to look at. We ended up buying a singing bear as he loved it so much, it’s really cute.

    We’ve also got Ethan the toot toot garage and a few cars for his birthday too on the 23rd as well as lots of books (he will sit for ages just looking at the pictures in books) some wooden blocks and wooden puzzle. We also got him a watch that we are going to get engraved and then we’ll keep it until he’s older as I wanted a Keepsake and thought that it’s something he can use and know that he’s had since he was 1. We are going to take him to the farm on his birthday and then at the weekend our family are coming for a small party. 

    We‘ve had a couple of better nights the last few as we took Ethan to see a cranial osteopath. She said that his muscles and nerves are tight in his torso as a result of being stuck for 3 hours during birth. She was able to loosen him up quite a lot and as a result he’s had the best three nights yet. I’m now wide awake at 4 as I’m not used to more than 4-5 hours of broken sleep a night anymore! I really wish we’d tried this before but am so glad it seems to have helped. We’re going back for more treatment next Wednesday. 


  • Our little ones are all grown up, little toddlers already. 

    Andre turned one as well yesterday, we have birthday twins animal84! We had a little party, with his friends over, don’t think any of them understood what’s going on but it was nice to see them all together, playing with the balloons and enjoying each other’s company.

    I was a bit emotional the day before his birthday, reminiscing about being in labour and all being all excited to meet him and then on his birthday I thought thank God we made it for a year 😂😂😂. 

    You ladies are well organised, started Christmas shopping, didn’t even think about it yet. 

    I’m going back to work on the 23rd of October and Andre didn’t like nursery, his separation anxiety is over the roof at the moment but i’m hoping he’ll get over that soon and enjoy himself. 

    Here are some pictures from yesterday. imageimageimageimageimage

  • Wow Andre looks like he’s having a fab time grisinutza! 

    Methane started nursery on 2nd September and hated it! I have never seen him cry like that and for so long. He did take a couple of weeks to settle (the first few days he refused to eat or drink) but now he loves nursery so much. It was really hard though leaving him screaming and picking him up screaming, he lost a bit of weight too (but has now more than made that up). I really wanted to not take him but we didn’t have any other choice as there’s no family to look after him near us but I’m so glad we toughed it out. He is developing so quickly now!


  • Aww Dinky152, it’s so reassuring to hear that as I found it soo hard to see the state he got in after I dropped him off. the settling in sessions were only an hour and he cried the whole time 😢. Even tho I was in a different room I could hear him crying and it broke my heart. We have the last settling in session tomorrow and then on Tuesday he starts officially. I’ll be at home that week just in case they need me to pick him up earlier or anything 😳. 

    He’s very sociable and happy to be around other babies but he’s also a mummy’s boy considering he’s been with me 24/7 for the past year. Fingers crossed he’ll get over that fast enough and will be his happy self fast. Xx

  • imageimageimage

    Hello everyone!

    So my baby is now 1! We had such a crazy busy day with family and friends, we’re all exhausted today! 

    My house looks like a toy store but it was so much fun. She actually opened her presents and was really interested. Cried at being sang happy birthday to though! 😂 

    Mia wasn’t born until 11.55pm so we both sat there in the evening reminiscing what we were doing this time last year! 😂 

    Can’t believe how quick it came round but such a beautiful day! 

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    Also, if you've not PMed me your name and address to send your toddlers gift, please do! 

  • Charlie loves nursery even when we were settling him in, he got on great and loves the food in nursery.

    He is cruising the furniture and just starting to stand but only for a few seconds.

    we also found ouy on his 1st birthday that we are expecting again June.

  • Hello ladies, after his birthday party Andre got hand foot and mouth and he gave it to some of his friends too... it was sooo annoying that we went to the GP and they told us he has chicken pox and was due to start nursery on Tuesday but had to call and let them all know he’s got it and most probably from his settling in sessions, told all the mums at the party that they’re little ones might get the pox. His friends went to their GP and got told they have HFM so I rang again and asked for a second opinion because his spots were in the same areas as his friends were (none on his torso) to be told again that he had chicken pox 😳. Anw meanwhile he got an eye infection and his temperature kept spiking up and he stopped eating so I got worried (suffering with anxiety) and rang 111 for advice but because they can’t do anything without seeing the child so they sent us to the GP again to be told finally that he’s got HFM and conjunctivitis, gave us some eye drops made me feel like a time waster and sent us home. 

    He is supposed to go to nursery on Tuesday and I don’t know what to do considering he wasn’t very happy there and isn’t eating and needs eye drops every 4 hours for the next 3 days 😳. 

    He’s quite ok within himself, plays and walks around chirping away so not all bad... 

    He had his first haircut today and it was a bit emotional seeing his cute curls being chopped off but his daddy enjoyed their little moment. 

    We also got our presie from the lovely Madeformums and had fun reading it together today, thank you very much! 

    Hope you and little ones doing ok xxx 


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