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Sleep deprived:/

Good morning ladies, need some advice here.

Ok so I have 3 children my eldest 9 I breastfed for 3 months my second is 5 I breastfed for 24 months which I used marmite to deter her from the breast now I have a 1 year old who is a complete boob monster no joke.

I mean she is on full fat cows milk now, she has 3 7oz bottles maybe 4 in 24 hours along with 3 homecooked meals per day and snacks of fruit and veg in between. However come bedtime I'm exhausted I work and I'm required to walk 12 miles a day lifting heavy stuff so I'm tired as it is but my trouble begins at night all she wants to do is have my nipple on her mouth all night soon as I take it out she is awake within 20 min and I give her warm cow milk she throws it on the floor having a screaming fit waking the whole house I simply can not do it any more I'm tired all the time my mother is out getting marmite for me as we speak see if it works but I'm at the end of my teather really any advice is really appreciated. She co slept with us from 6 months up until now due to an urgent  house move of losing our home due to landlord not paying his bills it got repossessed so we had to move into a 1 bedroom house and since we have got a place of our own she has stayed with us  she has a cot but won't go down in it .

Thank you

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