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November 2017 Toddlers


This is a new thread for the lovely folks from our November 2017 Baby thread, whose equally lovely babies are now turning one and heading into toddlerhood!

If you have a toddler (born in November 2017), do please feel free to post here, too, and join in. We'd love to have you! 




  • imageso little Grace turned 1 already as she was 4 weeks premature. She was a Nov Baby right up until the last minute haha x

  • Still about 4 weeks from being a year old, but we celebrated in America with my family about a month ago. No party plans yet for here ♡


  • Happy birthday Grace, great picture😊

    Iris turns 1 tomorrow as she was 3 weeks early.

    We had a family party on Saturday with cakes high was lovely but Iris started with chicken pox on Friday so she wasn't very happy bless her. 

    We are on holiday now although it's hard keeping her away from others and the weather is miserable.  Hopefully the weather will be better tomorrow for her birthday and we can visit a farm that's close by.imageimage

  • Ah bless her. Happy birthday Iris. X

  • Awh Laurah I hope she clears up soon ♡ hopefully it hasn't been too awful to her.

  • Hello, i am not sure if I can join you.English isn't my mother tongue.I started learn it only a few month ago, therfore, please excuse my bad English. I hope it is useful to write about a common theme with you. My son Miky is one in two weeks.He is celebrating his birthday with his brother who is 3 in December.I am still breastfeeding.He is allergic to milk and peanuts.He also ate very little until recently. However it is only a few day when he started to eat much more. I am really happy. It was a fight when I fed him. 

  • Aww loving all the pics ladies! I can’t believe we are mums to toddlers now.

    Nasrs birthday is in a few weeks, no party plans  we may take him to the zoo.


  • jade that is so wise lol. We had a party at the house and it was chaos. Never again haha x

  • So lovely to see these babies, growing up beautifully. Gosh, I remember when you guys were having them. Please do pop me over via PM your full name and address for your child's bday present!

    And welcome Nymeria08 too! Lovely to have you here.  

  • Thank you so much. 

  • Can’t believe they’re all nearly one! My Oliver’s doing really well, crawling everywhere and starting to pull up to standing on things now! We are having a little party for him on his birrhday with his baby friends doing his favourite baby class, I’m so excited for it but can’t believe my baby has grown up so quickly already :(

  • Oh my word I have missed out in so much! Life completely got in the way so I dropped off the last thread!

    Huge congratulations guys on your baby news, I cannot imagine having 2! 


    This was Ivy's birthday (came 3 weekse early so technically an October baby), we went to the zoo and it was fab 😍

  • Pressed send too soon!

    She has us wrapped around her little finger, we have just started to get a handle on bedtimes, she walks and crawls and is generally a danger baby she is small and does not wear the right size clothes and as for food....eats something one day and rejects it the next and finger foods are for feeding to the dog it seems! 

  • Really lovely to hear from you Joojoo, Ivy is so lovely! Please don't forget if you've not sent me your name and address, please do so today so we can send your baby gift. 

  • Hi ladies nice to see your lovely photos and they have all growin up so quick 

    joel is now 1 we had a party for him which went well and I think the kids had fun with bouncy castle and games 

    He is not walking yet but fast crawling like his nursery key worker would describe it 😂. He started crawling at almost 11 months 

    sleep pattern is still not great. He will sleep for 7-8 hrs then wake for a feed. we have had some improvement with solids but some days he is not interested and other days will eat little. The odd times he has esteem well sleep was betrer 


  • Nymeria08 nice to have you here. I know what it feels like when they won't eat. I had similar with Joel but he is now taking some solids. How have you found a dairy free diet? Were you advised to try milk ladder with him?

  • Happy New year to everyone hope you all had a lovely Christmas.  

  • Happy new year ladies

    @ Laura Yes we did. I think I ate a lot this season.image Now, I need a weight loss plan that is realistic and sustainable so I can continue with it throughout the year.

    How was yours?

  • It was good Fludu iris was more interested in it than I thought she would be her favourite presents are a handbag and upsy daisy and iggle piggle 😊 I don't feel I got to make the most of christmas food, I started with tonsilitis on Christmas eve so didn't eat ad much as I would have liked 😂 I follow slimming world (well sometimes) I find it good as can eat most things and it's easy to keep up.

  • How is everyone's toddler doing? It is just coming up to their 2nd birthday. Where did the time go?
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