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Clenil Modulite problems

Good evening,

Does anyone have any experience with Clenil Modulite and toddlers? My little girl has been prescribed this for slight congestion on her left lung. I did not notice any issues and it was located as she was being examined because of another illness. 

After using a blue inhaler for 2 days we had to stop as she was being woken through the night for no apparent reason and staying awake for hours. 

The doctor has now prescribed Clenil Modulite (brown inhaler) and after using it for only 1 day We are struggling. My little girl usually sleeps feom 6.30 through to at least 6.30 the next morning. Last night she did not fall to sleep until 1am. She seems absolutely exhausted but can't seem to wind down and drop off. Eventually she managed to and has been worn out all day. 

This evening we made the attempt to put her to bed at 6.30 and She has only just manage to drift off now almost 3 hours later. The only way I can describe her is hyper. She is constantly standing in her cot, pointing and talking to toys, pointing at the light, shouting then it turns to crying. I feel like she is anxious, everyone we lay her in her cot she begins crying hysterically. I have managed to get her to sleep tonight by laying her on my chest. It is like she has to be with me all of a sudden. 

All of these symptoms have started since yesterday when she started on Clenil Modulite. I must add, my little girl is 13 months. 

Has anyone else had any if these problems? 

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