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đź’© Poos to big? PHOTO OF POO INCLUDED


My son is 1 and screaming when he has a poo litrally screaming like he's being murdered.. Its so bad! He's red and swearing when he goes and tears streaming down his face :( the picture included here I think it's quite small compared to how they usually are! I showed my mum and she said the poo in the photo is far to big.. Is this too big? 


  • Sweating not swearing

  • My daughter was exactly the same. Sweating, red in the face, etc. I mean huge!!! Told doctor they gave her lactose to mix in with juice, it did work, but she constantly needed it. If she didn't have it the big poo would come back. After the years of this the sugar damaged her 2 bottom teeth, they were yellow when her second teeth came through so be aware of that. Also I would try and introduce plenty of fruit as I believe giving her this juice all the time made her a fussy eater as she got older. Good luck. X

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