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3.4 year old comfortble in nappies HELP

Hi Ladies

My DS is 3.4 and still in nappies.( cloth ) and have been thinking about starting to potty train, only trouble is that DS REALLY doesn't care about sitting in his own mess and never has to be honest. And I don't just mean a sodden wet nappy! His poo's are seriously big and smelly (like any toddler I guess??) yet he will not acknowledge that he has done a poo. Every time I ask him if he has done a poo he tells me "NO! and refuse’s to have his nappy changed so I delay it a while till he is more aggreable, he also has a nasty habit of immediately sitting down when he has done a poo, which makes nappy changes worse.

I’ll ask him to sit on the potty like a big boy and yet again he'll shout at the top of his voice at me. "I DON'T LIKE THE POTTY!!" I’m trying to encourage him to sit on the potty/toilet when he's in a better mood just to introduce it to him but to no avail.

My friends say that he'll tell me when he's ready but I’m getting sick of him not wanting to be clean or acknowledging the fact that he is sat in a huge poo. Could it be a sensory thing?? Liking the warmth of the poo etc. Is it been my fault for starting PT this late ? Anybody else had this trouble???? 

Sandy x


  • Screw the potty, you know those toilet seats that fit over your toilet get one of those, if he has a pattern of what time he goes for a poo take him to the toilet when you think he might need to go also regular intervals in the take him there to have a wee and just explain while he's sat there that he's a big boy now and this is what big boys do, maybe buy him some underpants and get him excited to wear them, like ones with pictures on and tell him when he's learnt to use the toilet he gets to wear those, if this doesn't work at first then take away his cloth nappies and buy the cheapest nastiest nappies going, sounds horrible but you want him to hate wearing a nappy so he decides to use the toilet instead x 

  • Hi Rebecca

    Thank you for your reply, just thought I would give you an update on DS.

    I have gone with your suggestion on the toilet seat idea to get him to try it out so far its has been hit and miss but he did his first wee on it yesterday so making some sort of progress. He has been in some cheap disposable nappies again as your suggestion the last few days and I feel we are getting there as he wants then changed  as soon as he has done a poo in them, does not want to stay in it, not like when I had him in cloth.

    Today he ask for his cloth nappies back on as he wanted to have a poo, I ask him why and he said it feels nice to poo in them and sit in it.!!!image

    Ok I understand now  it is a comfort thing for him in doing this I think,  so I told him that all his cloth nappies are in the wash so lets try sitting on the toilet, he didn't want to at first but I calmly explaind to him that it would be much nicer than doing it in his disposable nappy, he agreed !! I could not beleave it. image

    Ive also brought some thomas the tank engine under pants so I do beleave we will crack this toliet traning soon.

    Im still having him in cloth nappies at night as he is a big wetter but there changed first thing in the morning so he dosn't have the opportunity to poo in them.

    Thank you for your advice and taking the time to relpy.

    Sandy x

    P.S I will also post this on the thread.   

  • Thanks Rebecca

    I will look into those pamper nappies, just thinking about costs etc as Im a single mum on a tight budget. Good idea on the cloth naps, time will come soon to give them away image 

    I somes times over look the obvious with my boy and the cloth nappy and poo thing was one of many, I just assumed he was to busy to get his nappy changed, it didn't occur to me that he liked the feeling of the squished poo in the cloth nappy and wanted to stay in it for a time, when I switched to the cheap disposable I noticed that he came straight away and wanted it changed and now I no why, when he sat in the disposable after having a poo it leaked a little on his leg were in cloth it always contained it no matter what how active he was etc.    

    Did any of your toddlers do something like this or have heard of other children doing it ? or is mine just weird image

  • i totally agree with Rebecca's advice - skip the potty all together and just get a mini toilet seat.

    Also a reward chart on the back of the toilet door too - a special sticker everytime he goes. 

    you can also get these mini floater things that sit in the loo water for boys to target practice peeing on them! (sounds crazy i know!)

    Also, make a big deal about pull up pants.

    He will get there when is ready, and i know while potty training it can take some kids longer to get used to pooing in the loo than their nappies (some kids i know would ONLY poo in their nappies, so it's not unusual!) 

    Keep us posted x

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