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Is there something wrong with my toddler.. SPD or Autism maybe?

Hi mums and dads, and other people with children!

I have a 17 month old daughter, and there are certain aspects of her personality that concern me a little bit, other people have just commented saying it may just be who she is.. and its ok to be behind in things.. they all get there in the end.. but for 5 months now Ive seen things in her that I havent in other children her age, and was wondering if any one on here has a child similar..and can give me some advice!

The reason for the SPD and autism worry.. 

She is still on 4 month purees mainly homemade but I use Ellas kitchen when out and about (easier).. and I have struggled to get her up to stage to ever since she turned 7 months!

She wont eat any form of lumps.. ive tried home made meals, baby food of all brands.. things we eat that are alright for babies.. like beans, soup (lumpy and thick) cauliflower cheese etc.. but she literally refuses to eat it.. I know she can because on the very very very rare occasion she will but it will take her up to 2 hours to eat a 7 month old portion!! She holds it in her mouth for minutes on end before she swallows! And more times or not spits it out in the end!

She is alright on finger foods.. like toast, skips, veggie straws, rice cakes.. and home made pizza and sweet potato fries.. but anything  else she wont go near she wont even eat a banana (even though she loves them).

Im starting to think it may be SPD as it is the only explanation I can think of, as she also HATES getting her hands sticky, dirty and good forbid if messy food goes near them!

I thought it might be that she wanted to feed herself! I was wrong.. shes not intreretsed in the slightest.
So eating habitss are now getting to me! She even in still on baby formula (morning only) and will not hold the bottle herself.. still wants the comfort from me? Is this normal?

She also isnt interested in learning, or most of her toys.. she will sit and play but when you try and teach her how to do it.. she gets stroppy and just has a tantrum and wont play with it anymore! This has been going on since day one! Refuses to sit and play, most days she just spend rolling on the floor and having temper tantrums!

She isnt talking, only the minimul 'mama; 'nana; dada and more recently 'oh' when she drops something.

Shes good at gesturesm like peekabo and bye bye and night night but with everything else she just doesnt listen, learn or even seem interested in talking!

She was and is also behind on developments, at 14-16 months she learnt how to bum shuffle, pull herself up, roll over, and walk with support.. all at one goo.. she still cant stand unaided but is cruising very well, and has started to now crawl! 

Im worried that she is almost a good 6 momths behind most babies.. and not sure if it is autism or just plain lazitous. Im getting worried, and doctors just keep saying wait till shes 18 months, I cant stop worrying.. and it doesnt seem to be improving.


SOrry for the long ramble but  I wanted you all to know the full story thank you.

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