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19 month old toddler waking through the night

Hey everyone! 

I could really do with some people's advice. My soon to be 19 month old has never been the best at sleeping and we have always seen to her at some point in the night. The sleepless nights are really taking its toll so I'd love to break the habit and get her finally sleeping through.

Bedtime routine is strong and she loves going to bed. Always goes down awake and falls asleep with a bottle and dummy. 

The issue is she wakes regularly in the night and I've tried leaving her and she is so persistant and never gives in!!! When she wakes she screams to come in our bed so I always give in and bring her in but the weird thing is she's not even in there long. She tosses and turns has a bit of a  Natter and then wants to go back to her bed to fall asleep in there again! And does this 2/3 times a night!? 

Please please could do with advice/solutions 

Many thanks xxx

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