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Help starting own toddler group ideas.

Hello I am a qualified teacher looking at starting my own toddler class in my local area.

i have a few ideas and just wanted some feedback on which one you would prefer or would spend money on.

1-A letters and sounds interactive class which helps children ages 2-5 learn letters and mark make. Class would be very hands on and lots of sensory activities.

2-Messy play Class.

3-a science toddler class Where children wear lab coats and learn about different science concept and hands on investigations and activities.

Thank you. 


  • Love the science class - such a great idea and so much you can do with it!! There's nothing like that around my area and its such an important subject.  :D
  • These are all brilliant ideas!  <3 Any, I think I'll go with the one with lots of sensory activities and sounds. It's classic and I believe it will catch the attention of almost any child, no matter how young he/she is. 
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