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  • Aww look how cute they are 😍.  See this is the part that makes me want another one (I know there would be times when they dont like each other) but they will always have that sibling love and not be alone....I think before I had billy I worried that the stress of a baby could ruin mine and my partners relationship but I was willing to take the risk because I really wanted a baby, it never did...if anything we are much closer. But now I worry that the stress of a second baby could not only ruin our relationship but also Billy's family so seems like a bigger risk to take...if that makes sense.  I think I'm probably over stressing as iv enjoyed every moment of having Billy and I'm sure I would cope fine with a second but just scared of changing what is already good 🙈. By the way that last pic of your daughter...she looks like a right cheeky terror 🤣
  • She has her moments 😂 
    mots been hard to adjust to having 2. It’s taken us 6months to get to a positive place. I really believe that there was to much going on for jack all at the same time. He’d been at home with me since March and hubby was a working from home. Then his sister was born. He then started nursery and on top of that we then potty trained him. All to much to handle for one small child. But he’s got there the break for Christmas really did him some good. His behaviour and attitude really changed for the better. I think for us it was a learning curve also. I remember that time after jack was born when getting things done was hard as he wanted attention all the time. This time it was that plus jack wanting attention. It’s been hard to try and figure out a way to try and keep everyone happy and the house running but we seem to have got there. I’m lucky hubby and I have always had a great relationship and I never once thought having children would change that. 
    It’s great that billy didn’t change anything between you and your partner. Have you discussed having another baby? And has your partner said how they feel about it? 
    Really there isn’t anyway of knowing until babies here Howe it will affect you. I honestly didn’t expect it to be so hard but it was. 
  • Hi chops and mrsP, good to hear from you both. Can't believe the 'babies' are nearly 3! Amelia starts nursery in April and will be in the same class as her big brother for a few months (yay 1 year age gap 😂). She's finally cutting her last back tooth so we have the return of the sleepless nights too!
    I'm not much use for the trying for another discussion sorry. I think we're all done now. As much as it was hard having 2 so close in age I think it helped in a way because they've both only known having a  sibling around so didn't have to tackle the jealousy. It's so amazing seeing them play together too as you say chops. It's only natural to worry about things changing with a second child. You worry about everything changing but most of the changes are for the better really. Definitely hard but so amazing! 
  • Omg so glad this thread came to mind! Soooo good to see some new comments! Sounds like everyone is doing well! Congratulations @MrsP13 on your daughter! Lovely pictures 🥰
    How you doing? 
    Hi @Dinky11, Hi @Chops123
    How you both doing? 

    Little update from me 😁
    Isla is 3 on 24th of feb, I was due in March but never made it that far 🤣 
    She is an absolute character!!! Hard work but I love her so so much 🥰

    I actually have an announcement 🙊

    Number 3 is on the way! 😱
    This one was a “planned surprise” if you like! 😅
    Im about 5 weeks, had a bit of a scare last week with one sided pain and shoulder pain but they saw a tiny sac in the right place at EPU, I’ve got a follow up scan on the 8th (Monday) so fingers crossed all is well! 

    So lovely to see some of you still around 🥰
  • @elexox omg congratulations that’s fantastic news. I can imagine the surprise that came with that lol

    were doing great. It’s amazing to see Ella and Jacks bond growing as they grow. He loves his sister and always comes to see if she’s ok when she cries.
    I’ve just found out today that I have gallstones so I’m waiting in the GP to see what we do from here but it sounds like surgery. Issues started right after Ella was born so it’s gonna be a waiting game from here. 
    How is everyone doing? 
    It’s so nice to hear from you all. When I get a chance I do like to catch up 🥰
  • Thank you! @MrsP13 🥰
    Awww how lovely! Same with Leo & Isla although they do fight/argue a lot too 🤣🥴
    Oh no sorry to hear about the gallstones, I hope you can get them sorted soon!
  • @elexox thank you 😊 
    we did have a difficult transition from one to two. Weather is was a lot of stress hitting Jack in one go or what we’re not sure but the poor kid had it coming from all angles. Ella was born and we were able to start seeing people again for the first time in 4 months, then he started nursery and we were potty training him. It was all at one poor boy. But we’re in a much better place. Things are looking up which is great. 
    I’m hope I don’t have to wait to long but everything’s a waiting game at the moment with covid. 
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