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March 2018 Toddlers


This is a new thread for the lovely folks from our March 2018 Babies thread, whose equally lovely babies are now turning one and heading into toddlerhood!

If you have a toddler (born in March 2018), do please feel free to post here, too, and join in. We'd love to have you! 



  • I guess my post on the other thread prompted this?!  ;):)
  • Can't believe how quick this year has gone! My little boy is 1 next Saturday (23rd) 😁😁
  • tayto said:
    I guess my post on the other thread prompted this?!  ;):)
    It sure did @tayto - i'm so behind! Apologies! And so lovely to see your name pop up! 
    Hello @Chelsdavis123 too! Lovely to hear from you. 

  • From bump to baby - this day last year to this morning dressed up as a tiger for nursery.
  • Can't believe how quick this year has gone! My little boy is 1 next Saturday (23rd) 😁😁
    Absolutely! How are you doing Chels? I'm afraid it's so long since I've been on here I don't know how things have been with you? xx

    @DanielleMFM - I'm loving the new forum bits - amazing!
  • Am wondering how all the other ladies are - @Kara5,@elexox @Dinky11
    How is everyone?

  • I've sent everyone from your birth club an email - hopefully they'll rock up soon! 
  • By way of getting some chat going, I'll start us off with how Sinead is doing. She'll be 1 on the 25th and I sometimes feel like she's older than that and then other days, I feel like she can't possibly be 1 already! She has 2 teeth and three more are coming together on the top row. She has lots of babble and is very sociable and chatty. She crawls very fast and has mastered standing up very quickly! She can't walk but loves to bump around in her walker. We're about to move her to cows milk so I am interested in hearing how others did this. 
    Looking forward to hearing all about how all our toddlers are doing xxx
  • I've sent everyone from your birth club an email - hopefully they'll rock up soon! 
    Excellent! Thank you!
  • So lovely to hear from you 😊
    Lawrence is nearly walking but being lazy about it (which I don't mind!) He walks perfectly around furniture and walks between me and my partner quite easily too. I moved him onto cows milk just after he turned 11 months because he wasn't eating his food as he knew he could get a bottle of he refused .where as obviously cows milk doesn't fill them up like formula so he started eating his food again so it worked! 
    Me and my partner got back together and things are mostly good, some ups and downs of course but I am nearly 9 months pregnant now so my hormones are all over the place! Baby number 2 is due 11th of April so they will be very close in age xx
  • Ah that's fab news Chels - last I heard, things weren't so good so I'm glad you've both worked it out. And what amazing news that you'll have a bubba very soon. Do share pics with us - it'll make me broody all over again!
    Fancy a bump flash? (I still unfortunately still have a tummy but not for the same reason you do!) I have a plan that involves a personal trainer and the whole 30 diet plan - you never know, it might just work!
  • Hi everyone, lovely to hear from you all again! Can't believe our bumps are now 1 year olds!!! Amelia was 1 last Thursday and we've had a lovely time celebrating. She's crawling and cruising furniture too but no unassisted steps yet. We still don't have any words but she's starting to babble now. Still loving her food and is finally starting to stand up to her big brother haha. 
    Anyone had/have any exciting plans for birthdays? 
  • Yes we did sort it all out in the end. She will be here soon so I will definitely drop a photo of her when she arrives! 
    How lovely to hear from you too dinky! Oh bless her she will be bossing him around in no time!
    We decided against a party for this year however will be having my parents and other halfs parents over for dinner and some cake and then the day after we're going to take Lawrence to the rare breeds centre which is like a farm very near to us. We decided against the party because I don't have a lot of mummy friends as I don't take Lawrence to nursery or anything yet so it just didn't feel right to throw one as it would just all be adults lol. 
    What have you got planned dinky?
    Here's a little cheeky grin from my gorgeous boy showing off all his teeth! He has 8 so far but has just started teething again so no doubt will have more soon. X
  • Aww lovely photo chels! Look at all of those teeth! 
    We cancelled our party last minute too and had a family day. We did a messy play session and took our niece with us (the looks we got walking in with two 2 year olds and a 1 year old were hilarious!) Followed by soft play then we had family around for cake on the night. 
    I tried uploading some photos but they were too big so I'll have to look at how to shrink them when I don't have 2 kids climbing all over me haha! 
  • Hey ladies, you all popped into my mind so I thought I’d check my emails and we’ll here I am 😂 

    Lovely to hear from you tayto, chels & dinky! Glad all your bubbas are doing well! 

    Isla is almost 14 months now... 
    not sure if you remember but she ended up a late feb baby haha! She’s an absolute fire cracker of a character 😂 she’s been walking since 10 months and quickly learnt to run! She has 11 teeth and the 12th is on the way 😩! She’s also starting to talk now too it’s so sweet hearing her little voice say things so clearly! 😍 

  • Hi ladies I didn’t even know about this thread thill just now. How are you all doing. Look at all your beautiful babas all grown up. Crazy to think they’ll all be coming up 2 come March. 
    What a wild ride it’s been. Jack had sprouted he’s so tall. He’s the spit of his dad lol

    We decided to expand our family and are due with baby 2 on the 8th of July. 

    How are you all Doing? How are the kiddies getting on?  

  • Hi MrsP, 
    Awww jack really is so grown up, so cute! It’s crazy isn’t it how they’ve grown so fast! Congrats on your pregnancy! You’re almost there, not long left! Do you know what you’re having? Are you in a pregnancy thread this time round? 
    I really miss our little community of ladies on here! 

    Isla was 2 in feb! She’s such a sassy little thing. She pretty much talks all day long 😂 

    Anyone else still around? 
  • @elexox how lovely to hear from you 😀
    thank you he’s a cheeky monkey 🐒 all he wants to do is run around. Isla sounds lovely. All the new challenges of 2 year olds lol. Jack was 2 on the 31st of March. Lockdown birthday lol 
    yes I’m on a thread for this pregnancy there really helpful ladies. 
    We found out we’re having a little girl. Can’t wait for her to arrive hopefully all this craziness will be coming to an end by then. 
    How are you doing? 
  • Hey, dont know if any of you are still around...just came across this thread. I'm under a different name now but I was skittles and had baby billy in march 18. Just wondering how all the march 18 babies are getting on now? Also any of you had or thinking about next baby yet? We are at the thinking about it stage but scared it will ruin how good things are now. 
  • Hi @Chops123 I’m still around. Haha
    Jqcj is doing well hard to believe that he’s 3 in a couple months. Time has really gone fast. 
    We had a little girl in July. We called her Ella.she was 6months old on monday. Jack was very happy about being a big bro ther for a couple weeks then he got annoyed by her. Now he’s a happy boy again d
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