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This is a new thread for the lovely folks from our April 2018 Babies thread, whose equally lovely babies are now turning one and heading into toddlerhood!

If you have a toddler (born in April 2018), do please feel free to post here, too, and join in. We'd love to have you! 



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    Happy birthday to: Evie Rose, Harper and Gray, Hallie, Amelia, Penelope, Abel, April, Charlie, Harvey, Mia, Olivia, Luke, Mason, Samuel, Luna, Ivy and Cooper. 
  • Wow!! Where has the year gone Ladies. Can’t believe Harvey will be 1 this month. A big Happy Birthday to all our April babies xxx
  • I know! where has the time gone @Charley87 My baby isn't so much of a baby anymore 😭 
  • Thanks Danielle!
    It's crazy isn't it?! I cant believe Hallie is 1 already!
  •  My not so little, funny, walking, loud, cheeky monkey. One month to go until his birthday x
  • Harvey is currently demolishing the wotisits and his sandwich 🙈 this boy loves food 😂 Hair cut is also needed but that will be done next week ready for his birthday 😳

    I hope you lovely mummy’s are all doing well too xxx
  • He looks so grown up @Charley87 can't believe how quick it's all going. 
    I'm all good here hope your doing well too? Be nice to see all the little ones again. 
  • Loving the pictures!
    I'm good thanks, hope you are too Charley and everyone else.
    Here's a few of Hallie xx

  • Can’t believe our babies are turning one! 
    Abel’s birthday was yesterday (2nd April) and it’s crazy to think this time last year my partner and I were pulling our hair out trying to figure out how to get him settled 😂 

    He’s so close to walking it’s painful he loves his food, has dropped his bottle before bed, still likes to have milk but isn’t so strict on amounts or times of day. He’s got 7 teeth with another on it’s way, has attached himself to his jellycat rabbit named Ralph who gets frequent snuggles. Gives us hugs and kisses just melts your heart every time and has recently started sleeping through consistently! Here are a few photos 🤗
  • I'm good thank you. I'm currently on a night shift finishing at 8am and then I've got Harvey for the day.  This is pretty much how myself and my husband manage child care lol. Older ones at school and we share Harvey day and night lol so a few nights we are ships that pass. How are you all managing with work and the babies? loving the pictures too. Harvey has his cake smash on the 20th and we have a toy story theme x
  • Aww look at him. All our babies are growing up xx
  • No work here so ok at the mo, hubby works and I look after the boys, I'll go back at some point but house hunting at the moment so probably not until after we move. Haven't planned anything for Harry's birthday yet probably be something simple. 

  • I'm not back until 15th May. We saved when planning for a baby so I've had the full year off but the last 3 months were tough without pay I won't lie 🙈 and now currently using up what was left on 2018's holidays. I'll be going back just 3 days a week, 8.30-4.
  • Just wondering if anyone uses kids pass? Have been looking into it and it looks good and like we'd be able to save money while having days out etc but thought I'd see if anyone uses it and if it's as good as it seems.
  • Hi everyone, we are so glad to see you all here, and check out those wonderful babies (or should I say toddlers?) Feels like it has flown by! 
    Dare we ask if any of you are thinking of another baby? 
    Also, as you've all recently been through weaning, do you have any advice for this mum on this thread

  • @DanielleMFM no final decision here on if we'll have another, I think we're probably done but still not ready to say for definite. Hubby's cousin had her baby yesterday and my cousin is due any day and it's made me quite broody even though I know we can't fit anymore people in our house, so no more until we find a new house at least. 
  • I’d love another, the other half is a bit unsure mainly due to the fact that he had no idea how much time babies take up and how much they change your lives. Which is funny considering he was the one so desperate to have children now and I was happy to wait a few more years. He has said maybe in 4 years, which I’m going to take as I do really want another 🤗
  • it’s so lovely reading and seeing pictures of all of the babies.  

    Amelie turned one a couple of weeks back.  We had such an amazing week, with cake smash, party and a trip to Eurodisney - I will try and upload some pics, but been having problems.

    i am now back full time and find it so hard balancing work and motherhood - we had hoped I would be pregnancy by now, but it just doesn’t seem to be happening for us, we have been actively trying for months, I dot have age on my side as I have now hit 40, and have read some real scary statistic regarding conceiving and carrying. 

    We arent walking yet, but have been crawling and sofa surfing for a few months.  

    Ladies are you all planning on MMR?  I’m not sure I am happy with it, given my big one had Autism. I have heard we are the only country in europe that doesn’t give single vaccines......
  • We hope to have another one but not for 3-4 years.
    Hallie will be having all her vaccines. Everyone has different views on vaccines so I'm going to say very little about it because don't want to get into a debate but 1 thing I will say it that the thing about autism was proven to be completely wrong and the guy who said it was struck off.
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