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Worried about daughters development

Hi all, 

My daughter is 16 months old, she is not yet walking or even close, she cannot pull up to stand, or take steps when we assist her. She can stand against the sofa if we hold her there and seems to bare her weight okay. 
She has never crawled, instead she moves around on her bottom using her arms to propel herself. We have been having appointments with the health visitor, who has taken the wait and see approach. 
They've told me bottom shufflers are usually late walkers, and as she seems fine in every other area they are not too concerned at this stage. She was more concerned that she isn't yet pulling up. 

When I was pregnant, we had to have some specialist scans because one of her brain ventricals were enlarged. She was monitored and at 32 weeks it returned today normal size, we were given the all clear. 

I keep thinking that something may be wrong with her, mild cerebral palsy is especially what I'm worrying about. 
When standing one foot is very different to the other, she stands on the inside of it, and this makes her ankle bulge out, which is something I'm going to mention at her next appointment. 
She's a big girl, 34 inches long. 

Can I request my girl has more tests or see a specialist, as there hasn't been any progress in terms of her standing for two months. Any advice welcome please

A worried mummy x


  • Hi, of course you can. Sometimes mother’s just know somethings up and if it wasn’t for mum advocating for their kids, they wouldn’t get diagnosed. That’s not to say anything is wrong with her, she may well just be late to walk. My son was 14 months, but he did crawl and try to pull himself up. I would suggest making a routine appointment with your gp, explain your worries and get baby referred to paediatrician. By the time you get the appointment she’ll probably be up and about! But it’s best to get the ball rolling for these things. There’s only so much a health visitor can do to be honest, best to go to your GP surgery. Keep us posted with how she’s doing! 
  • Thankyou, I think that's what I'll do. They have asked me what I think and at that stage I just believed she would progress, but now I feel differently from watching her. I'll post any updates, fingers crossed it clicks for her soon and she's up and about! 
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