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July 2017 Toddlers - Part 3



  • Aww bincey she’s beautiful it makes me want another baby but I don’t think I’d cope atm the boys stress me enough 
  • CharliemurphyCharliemurphy Regular
    edited Jul 17, 2019 2:04PM
    Hey how's everyone
  • We are good Ollies has two good days at nursery this week .. tomorrow we are going for a play date with my cousins and the Friday we are going to gymnastics for the first time !
  • When will you book an appointment Charlie with dr or midwife? 
    I haven’t heard about J’s appointment yet, I think it’s 27 months here. I wouldn’t worry Lillian, so much stuff j can’t do either, he just said one words definitely not two, unless he’s babbling in his own language!
  • I'm going to go in Monday to book in as I should hopefully be past my time I normally misscarry 
  • Hi everyone . We’re ok too. We’re at center parcs this week. Charlie loves it but he’s running us ragged 😂
  • Glad he enjoying it louise 
  • Good luck on Monday Charlie xx
  • Joseph says lots of words but not so much in sentences, he copies the older boys a lot. I’ve yet to hear anything about an appointment though. I’m tired but loving snuggles with my little lady. Her photos are back and soooooo cute. But how I’m gunna choose from the 72 I have no idea 

  • 72 that’s incredible!! Wow good luck hehe 
    ollie said tonight “mummy and daddy” then roared ... he roars all the time it’s so funny 😆 
  • That’s so cute! Untill recently Joseph has been calling us mamma and dadda...we have finally gone back to mummy and daddy. We are struggling to get him to say please and thank you. He can say both, just chooses not to!
  •  Beautiful bincey xx
  • We’ve just got Charlie to say mama and dada and he’ll look at the right person when he says it . We’re so proud of him!  We have the paediatrician again next Friday . We had his genetic tests back and they’re fine so that’s great news. 
  • That’s fab news Louise! Glad the test have all come back good. What will they do next? I think there is so much text book about what they should be doing..we (I know I have) forget how small they still are. Since having Maisie I’ve realised, and feel terrible that Joseph is still very young and needs be a lot. Xx
  • Think they’ll just carry on following through to an autism diagnosis. They just wanted to see if there was anything wrong with his genes that was causing the autism symptoms. He’s doing so well though. He’s learning so much but just a little later than most. 
    Dont feel guilty bincey. A little playmate for Joseph will be fab. I’d love to give Charlie one but am resigning myself to the fact it probably won’t happen. 
  • Thank you, it’s hard isn’t it. Are you still trying (or not preventing) ? I’m get sad over the little things like packing away the tiny baby clothes knowing I won’t be doing this again. If I could just be given a baby I’d have loads, it the whole pregnancy thing I’m not good with x
  • yes we’re still trying but don’t think it’ll happen. Pretty disastrous month this month even trying to dtd and so no luck then I’m next due to ovulate on my daughter’s birthday when we are all booked in a family room at splash landings hotel at Alton Towers so not looking likely. Even if we did get chance it seems my eggs are past their best.😞 Yes packing away the baby clothes is very hard. But you never know - you’re still young xx 
  • I know the feeling ... I still have a lot of Ollies stuff with the hope that we’ll have another one day and I’m sure we will. We are currently watching the lion king it’s ollies fav he signs along with the songs and imitates some of the words in his own way .. he doesn’t know please and thank you I might try teach him that one ... he can say tar (thankyou) but he doesn’t always like you say
  • I’m really stressed and pissed off here. The boys birthdays have cleaned me out two in one month is crazy and my oh hasn’t helped me out financially either I’ve had to buy everything and it’s crippled me to the point where ive had to borrow from my grandad. So yesterday I see on our amazon that my oh has ordered himself over a hundred quid worth of stuff on his credit card yet contributed nothing. One of the thing he brought was a keyboard that’s attaches the computer 😡 am I being dramatic  or would you be annoyed 
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