July 2017 Toddlers - Part 3



  • We’re doing good! Lots of talking now. Have loved spending the week with J, makes me realise how much I miss normally. 
  • Hope eveyone is ok. 
    We are all good here part from me I have a stinking cold thanks to hubby. 
    I'm 37 weeks today 
  • Aww Charlie that’s gone so fast how are you feeling except the cold? I remember when I had Ollie i got a bad cold just before he came ! 
    Do you have any names?
  • I’m ok back is killing me all the time now I can’t wait for him to be here so I can get back to normal myself.
  • Aww bless you ! I’m 30 weeks this week I’ve not had to many aches and pains yet to be fair but I know they are coming! Have u started your mat leave ? 
  • No I’m on holiday though. My mat leave starts on the 13th March 
  • You must both be so excited! 
  • I can't wait 
  • Was 37 weeks on Monday 
  • How is everyone doing? Has everyone started preschool or nursery now? j had his settling in morning yesterday, they’re growing so much!! 
  • We are all ok. 
    Daniel starts pre school in September 
  •  Charlie is due to start in September. I can’t decide where to send him and I’m dreading it. 😢
  • Daniels going to the pre school that is at the school he is going to
  • We don’t know wether to move Ollie to a pre school at the school he will be going to or leave him where he is .. he’s had chicken pox since last Wednesday and it really has been awful last night was the first night he slept in his own bed all night but he’s still covered in them I think they are all nearly scabbed over .. just glad he’s had them now before baby comes 
  • Poor Ollie .  Yes definitely better that he’s had it now before the baby comes. I hope he’s over the worst of it now. Is there people at his nursery now that will go to school with him? It would be nice at the preschool to meet people that he will go to school with but if there are already some at the nursery he’s at now then I don’t suppose he would necessarily need to move. 
  • I don’t think there will be many going to his school as it’s abit further than other schools around the nursery but he can stay at this nursery until he’s 4/5
  • Hey how’s everyone holding up in the current climate ?

    charlie any signs of baby yet? 

    Im having bad Braxton-Hicks I had to be checked Monday to make sure it wasn’t early labour luckily it wasn’t but Braxton Hicks are just so intense they woke me up 5 times last night ! 
    Ollie is staying off nursery for now as he’s actually well and don’t want him catching anything !
  • No sign off baby but been up from 1pm this morning as couldn't sleep may phone doctors to see if my midwife can phone me as I couldn't lay on my left hand side as my back hurt on just that side 
  • Have u tried propping yourself up with pillows .. I’m half on my side and once I’m aching from that I prop myself up like I’m in a recliner 🤦🏼‍♀️
  • Yeah I phoned the hospital and they think it’s a water infection. They asked me take a sample into my doctors but that took an hour to get them to let me
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