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July 2017 Toddlers - Part 3



  • How cute !! They are beautiful 
  • Thank you ladies 🥰
  • Happy birthday Ollie xxx
  • Thanks louise happy birthday Charlie I can’t believe there two ! Ollie had a great day yesterday he wasn’t bothered with his presents but loved what was inside them lol he even handed me some cake back cuz he ate to much 🤣
  • Oh my gosh our first babies are turning 2 already 🙈 glad Ollie had a good day yesterday. Happy Birthday Charlie! Hope you have a lovely day xx
  • Happy birthday charlie xxx 
  • Massive congratulations @binceys_mummie your baby girl is perfect! 
    Hello everyone else too... 
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  • Aww congratulations Bincey. Can't beleive she's finally here.

    Happy birthday to the boys. Hope they had a great day.

    Cant believe Saoirse will be 2 next week.

    It was my birthday yesterday too so having a chill morning while the kids are at nursery.

    What presents has everyone bought
  • Thankyou ladies xx He's had a lovely day. Didn't go to bed till 11pm. A tired little birthday boy xx 
    katt we got him a trampoline as his main present although haven't put it up yet. Going to do it at weekend. Not looking forward to it! Glad you had a lovely birthday yesterday xx 
  • Happy birthday for yesterday Katt glad you had a nice one. Cnt believe 3 of our babies will be two it’s flown by I remember people starting to have their babies in June and my original due date was the end of July so I thought I would be the last one lol 😂. Does anyone else remember the lady who had her baby in may i wonder how they are getting on now?? 
    Glad charlie had a good day Louise :) 
  • I remember her. It might even have been April. I remember she was only about 29 weeks. 
  • Yeah it was April louise 
  • I often wonder how her and her little boy are doing bless him. And the other ladies who began this journey with us. 
    Is everyone else’s little one sleeping okay yet Charlie can be a nightmare it sometimes takes him TIL 9 to settle he just stands at his stair gate chucking toys over 
  • Yeah Ollies the same although he’s still in his cot but he takes forever to settle Hun x
  • Oh god my mum broke Charlie’s so he’s had to have it turned into a cot bed with bedgaurds one which he knows he can climb out of 😔

    Clearly someone isn’t tired lol 😂 
  • Haha i think it’s the stage where they start not needing a nap ... ollie is so in need of a nap late morning still but I’ve kinda moved it earlier us if he sleeps to late he won’t sleep at night 
  • Charlie is the same he gets so tired but fights it during the day and won’t always nap this makes him awful to settle him down at night. Touch wood Charlie has just settled after rampaging around his room for the last hour. 
  • J didn’t go up till 9:30 tonight as didn’t sleep till 5:30!! 🤦‍♀️ 
    Cant believe some of us are turning 2 already! Hope Ollie and Charlie had a lovely day!! 
  • Thankyou dizzy xx Charlie is still a dreadful sleeper Hubby is just taking him for his evening drive now. He’ll wake up to  be fed about 3 more times when he comes home before we go to bed and then he’ll be up about every half hour throughout the night. He’s a monkey. 
  • Oh gosh Louise I feel so bad for you and your poor husband you must be exhausted after two years of hardly any sleep. Are you still going to try for a little sibling for Charlie? My partner is admant there’s no more but I think I’ll want another once the boys are both at school 
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