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July 2017 Toddlers - Part 3



  • Awww congratulations Dizzy, that’s fab news!
    Joseph loves nursery and he’s doing really well. Although he goes to pre-school at nursery. Maisie had to have a covid test on Tuesday, it was horrible! Results come back clear on Thursday bit they both had to stay of nursery till we got the all clear. We’ve now decided to take Maisie out of nursery and hopefully get Joseph into a proper pre-school.

    hope everyone else is ok
  • Is there any particular reason u decided that ? If Ollie didn’t struggle so much going back to nursery I think I would take him out til jan but he was so unsettled I don’t think it’s wise .. I might change my mind if we end up going into lockdown or cases don’t come down 
  • Maisie is constantly poorly and missing more says than she is going at the moment. It’s costing me a small fortune so decided it was the right thing for now. Joseph loves it however he is very adamant that he’s not going to school 😂
  • Dizzy that’s fabulous news! Congratulations xxx 
  • Dizzy that is fabulous news congratulations.

  • Thank you all! I thought I wouldn’t worry as much with my second, I was clearly wrong. I spend every day worrying still. 

    I hope you’re able to find a good nursery bincey, not very good if she’s ill all the time. 
  • Ollie was Poorly all the time it’s so awful and then In lockdown he didn’t get poorly at all so it is nursery all the germs! I’m nerves about sending gerogie for that exact reason!

    Dizzy I know the feeling! I worried so much too but when baby is here it soooooo much easier than your first I cannot explain enough! Obviously it comes with the struggling of tackling two children than one but in terms of knowing how to look after a baby it’s all enbeded in memory. 
    I always wondered why people went on to have lots of children cuz I struggled so much with Ollie but now I get it lol!
  • Hi how is everyone getting on! 

    I can’t believe we are applying for school places for our babies from today ! Crazy how fast it’s going 
  • Yes it’s mad. Ours opened last week. Dreading it as am not happy with any of the settings available for Charlie 😞  How about you?
  • Yes we live in catchment for the school which is attached to his nursery and seen as though they have been so good helping him settle into nursery I think it will be the best place for him! He’s really excited about nursery now he loves going so that’s great and he’s been seen by the senco lead so hopefully if anything else does come up we are already in a position to help him. 
  • What is the position your in with Charlie ?
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