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July 2017 Toddlers - Part 3



  • How exciting Lillian!!! 
    Katt she’s such a cutie. Glad she had a lovely day xx 
  • We have had a lovely holiday Daniel enjoyed it
  • Aww super cute 😍 looks like you had a fab time 
  • Aww he looks like he’s enjoying that ice cream bless him glad you guys had a good holiday 
  • He looks so worn out by the end of it Charlie Murphy! 
    I can’t believe our little ‘babies’ are turning 2! 
    Js doing much better with his words now but still not two words of sentences but words he’s saying are correct so that’s something! 
  • The sleeping was on the way there. 
    I know Daniel is 2 tomorrow we started green milk a day early as we needed new milk 
  • Charlie we have been on green milk for months cuz the pediatrition advised us to as ollie defo didn’t need the Calories and it has the same calcium benefits 
  • Glad you had a lovely time Charlie, I’m not ready for Joseph to turn 2. It’s been a challenge with 2 so small. I take my hat of to all you ladies with two close in age xxx
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  • Hey ladies! How are you all doing? 
  • Charlie I hope Daniel had a great birthday! 
    We’re ok thanks dizzy. Just plodding along. 
    Lillian are you on holiday ? Just saw your sister posted a lovely picture of you both. Must be lovely being a twin xx
  • How are you finding it with two little ones bincey? I’d like to say it gets easier but I’m still waiting for that day. 
    Charlie I hope Daniel had a good birthday 🎁
    Cnt believe Charlie is two next Thursday he’s away TIL Friday tho so will be celebrating it then and we’re off to see in the night garden live on the Saturday 
  • It’s certainly not the easiest, Joseph has started to settle now so as long as he’s not tired or grumpy Maisie is safe lol. I’m still trying to get ready for his birthday on Tuesday 🙈 Hubby is still broken, although he can do a lot more we are still restricted. 
    Happy Birthday to all the little ones I’ve missed xx
  • Glad he’s slowly on the mend bincey and tell me about it charlie can be evil when he’s either tired or over tired and lately his bedtime routine is shocking he’s not settling TIL 9 I’m thinking of going to lush and getting some of that sleepy cream to see if it works 
  • Thank you 😊
    Asda have there own brand bubble bath that people are raving about at the moment. Apparently that helps settle/calm them down but I’ve not tried it. I’m so grateful for nursery days but I may have to cancel that because we aren’t financially Getting any help 🙁
  • Oh god that sucks chick but I know the feeling we’re looking at sending Charlie for two days a week from September and it’s gonna be like £260 a month and then we’ve got ollys school dinners etc it’s just a nightmare I already work four nights a week now but I’m faced with possibly doing five to afford it. How are you finding it on maternity 
  • Just checked that bubble bath out bincey I already use it and it doesn’t put Charlie to sleep 😂
  • 😂😂 maybe to lush it is....
    my wages yet but we are gunna struggle when they do. Because I’ve not been in the job long enough I’m only on stat mat pay. So that’s going to be really Interesting 😬
  • Oh dear I remember statutory maternity it’s shocking can you not get any benefits with your oh being off work and your income being low 
  • Daniel had a lovely birthday he was spoilt hope u figure sort it out bincey 
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