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July 2017 Toddlers - Part 3



  • Thanks everyone he loved his quad bike he wants to ride on it whenever we go anywhere so there’s been plenty of tears and tantrums.
    weve just been to see in the night garden which they both enjoyed fingers crossed they sleep tonight 

  • Glad he had a good time. I think it's finally sinking in that I'm pregnant again. Just got the 1at trimester to worry about just don't know how far I'm due as I can't remember when I was last on
  • Have u taken a how many weeks test ? When you catch pregnant on the pill your dates aren’t normally true anyway cuz you don’t have real periods so you should be offered an early scan 
  • No I'm going to get one tomorrow morning and do one. When I go to doctors to get booked in for midwife I will put I don't know when my last period was as can't remember the date. 
  • But didnt you say you were 3 days late when you tested? So that would make you about 4 and a half weeks when you tested. 
  • CharliemurphyCharliemurphy Regular
    edited Jul 14, 2019 12:33PM
    I think I was I was going off the day I remembered being on for some reason I had two periods last month or at least thought I did
  • So he finally got his cake today a little late I know, I’m glad your oh took it well Charlie there’s honestly never a good time to have child they’ll always be financial pressures of some sort in the way xxx

  • Hey Charlie did you manage to get the weeks test done? 

    Has as anyone has the two year review yet ?
  • I have one to do tomorrow morning 
  • These assessment questions are stupid and have really upset me ... Ollie is going to score so low .. for communication we’ve only ticked one sometimes everything else is no yet 
  • I haven’t even heard off Charlie’s health visitor yet don’t know whether to ring them or not and it’s only a box ticking exercise Lillian don’t feel like it reflects on Ollie in any way all children learn in their own time Olly couldn’t really say much til he was two and a half and now he never stops talking 
  • We just got the info through the post and have to ring for an appointment... Ollie doesn’t point at things doesn’t point to his body parts .. but then he’ll give you kisses when you ask and sit down when you say put your shoes on. I dunno it’s just really made me think... he doesn’t put two words together or anything doesn’t follow instructions like get the ball or put your toys away but then sometimes I think he knows what I’m saying just doesn’t want to do what I’m saying
  • He could just have selective hearing Lillian lol 😂 Charlie’s sometimes the same he does certain things you ask but not others I bet there’s a back log of appointments in derby there was when Olly turned 2 he didn’t get his until he was nearly 2 1/2 
  • Hi I did the how many weeks are u and it told me I was 1 to 2 so would be between 5 to 6 weeks gone
  • I don't think we get a review until 3 for me  but dunno if I do I haven't received anything yet 
  • It's 27-30 months for the review im Scotland. My hv said that loads of kids get sent away away at 27 months and told to come back 3 months later and there is huge differences
  • Yeh at this stage I really wouldn’t worry to much Lillian. Aww Charlie it’ll fly by and baby will here before you know it 
  • I’ve not heard anything about Joseph’s 2 yr check either. But will see hv tomorrow when I get little lady weighed. 
    Looking forward to hearing about another baby journey. Maisie had a photo shoot yesterday, can’t wait to see pics.
  • Aww she’s a beauty 💕
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