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22 month old doesnt chew.

Hey everybody I am back after a while with a weird question, although have read that I am not the only one out there, just looking for some advice, or comfort or maybe someone with the same problem or who had the same problem and what they do or did to improve it?!

My daughter is 22 months old and doesnt CHEW. She will chew things like pizza, chips, bananas, crisps, the baby crisps (veggie straw, melty hoops etc) she will eat things like cheerios and toast no problem, and will eat things like fish cakes, tuna sandwiches, even the occasional boiled egg, and that is all the food she eats in 'finger' food form, as she wont touch anything thats slightly slimy or wet (texure issues). Even these its just a bite here and there and wouldnt keep her healthy.

So I use or make meals like the Heinz and Ellas Kitchen 1-3 years which I still have to mash down to a 7 month olds level, She will eat these is the texture is ok, she isnt fussy with dinners, she will eat chilli con carne, spag bol, fish and cocount curry, tuna and courgette pasta, she loves her dinner she just doesnt not CHEW so I have to do it so she can just 'swallow' it and not choke.

I have been trying now since she was 10 months , I weaned her late onto lumps as she wouldnt eat a thing if it was lumpy, and she would happily starve herself, that tecnique didnt work and still doesnt work, and still it took me until she was 18 months before she would even a 7 month baby food jar. I am at a lose of is this normal.. how can chew one thing but not things like spag bol.. Ive locked everywhere and there doesnt even seem to be a name for it. I was just wonderind if SPD could be the cause for all of this? As she wont touch food, wont consider feeding herself AT all, just crisps here and there, wont touch things like sand, slime, playdoh.. hates being cuddled (unless she wants one) she also plays differently to other children, and also if things are not in the right place, she goes into a state until you put it in the correct place. (for example. if you dont put your rubbish in the bin she will do it for you, and if you was to lay a cushion on the floor she would scream until its back on the sofa. She also doesnt talk much, shes at the right level with everything else, but shes almsot 2 and only says 8 words or so, (mum, nan, baby, tata(bye), aw, oh, boo, and then ba for both bath and ball) Is it sounding like autism or.? Any help would be grateful.

I dont want to keep going on as there's many signs that something is not quite right. 
Im worried she will have autism or something much worse, I have ADHD, and have learnt that I can pass down, and have children with Autism, ADHD, SPD, so thats what makes it so scary. But doctors have been fobbing me off since she 9 months.
'Come back when shes 1, come back when shes 18 months, and now come back whens shes 2' I have managed to get an assesment for SPD, so I am hoping that will explain it all and if it isnt they will send me somewhere.

Just wondered if anybody else has gone through this and what techniques you have learnt.

Thanks for reading
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