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Potty training

Hi. My son is 2.4 years old and I’ve been thinking about potty training we tried last week and he had 12 wees on the toilet and about 12 accidents me doesn’t seem to have a long wee and when I ask him if he needs a wee he goes NO and stamps his foot. He would wee on the toilet then 5 mins later he would wee in his pants. He is very strong willed 😩 he’s clearly not ready now because he said not telling me if he needs a wee unless I put him on the loo he will actually go but some days he says he doesn’t like it. He will not sit on the potty he hates it. If u ask him if he’s had a poo and I know he has he still says no. 
what signs are they for been 100% ready??


  • I don't have any advice, as I haven't started training my son. He's 2 years 4 months too. I'm interested to see what advice you get.

    My son definitely isn't ready, like yours 90% of the time he won't tell me when he's done a poo, even tho he has. But he has started to tell me sometimes whenwhe has done a poo, withoutwme asking. He's making progress towards being ready. 

     Im going to wait till he is telling me more frequently that he needs his nappy changed. Then I'll start looking up what other other signs mean they are ready. 
  • Anyone??
  • I think it sounds like he might not be ready yet. Two and a half is on the younger side for potty training (i think girls start younger than boys) so deffo don't drive yourself mad. I would stop potty training for a while, and then go back to it, when you think he's a little more ready - could be a few weeks, but i would try again in a few months - also, your nursery, if he goes to one should give you an indication too of when to train - they're usually good at spotting these things.  

    When the time comes, I would skip the potty altogehter and get a little toilet seat that sits on the loo in his fave character (amazon have loads). They also have these floats that go in the loo to help him aim. Sticker reward chart too, and hopefully the next time you go for it, he will get there.. 
  • Thank you, we have a peppa pig toilet seat for him and stool I’ve asked nursery to ask him if he needs a wee. 
    Ive heard girls are ready before boys 
    if I sat him on the toilet he sometimes says he doesn’t like it so like you said I’ll try again in a few months. 

    What signs do I look for to say he is 100% ready xx
  • I think you can keep popping him on the loo, just to get him used to it, so if you go for a pee, ask him if he needs one to.  But in all honesty, i had no idea when my kids were ready - their nursery told me! they said they're ready for potty training so i did it then. 
  • Last night he didn’t want to go to bed and was shouting wee wee on the toilet so I stuck him on but he was just stalling😂 thank you for your advice 😘 
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