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Parents of kids with adhd/autism. Looking advice?

Hello im looking some advice as my 2 year old soon to be 3 is worrying me. Recently he has changed so much I'm just looking for some advice I understand hes at the age for terrible 2s etc but others have said hes showing signs of either adhd or austim so I'm just looking for some help.
Hes very hyperactive. On the go all day never stops. Not a good sleeper he would wake up alot. Becoming violent in his tantrums. Started studdering now and again. Now when we go to go walks or if his grand parents call to take him out hes screaming and crying no but putting his hands out to go. Times even giving me a hug by and gets into the car and has a melt down screaming and crying. Any ones child suffer any of these? Can help me.


  • I have a son with ADHD and asd if u need any advice I always work as a special needs teaching assistant x
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