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17 month son isn't talking.

I'm stressed!! My 17 month old only says mama....THAT'S IT!! My friend has a daughter one month younger who talks A LOT!! She colors, self feeds with spoon/fork, and climbs everything. Meanwhile, my son only says mama, i still feed him myself or he eats with his hands (when I let him) and rather eat a crayon than draw with it. I can't help but feel like my son is delayed and it's because of me. He's my first (and only) he was born 2 months early, he's a preemie. Took foreverrrr to walk. Started walking at 15 months!! He understands when i tell him to get his ball, shoe, car, toy. He'll go to his room and bring what I'm asking him for but he won't repeat the word. He can stack his blocks, cups, and ring from biggest to smallest. He's definitely a problem solver and quick thinker. I know he's intelligent but so stressed because he's not talking. His 18 month check up is next week and I KNOW his Dr. will be concerned that he's not talking. I don't mind speech therapy if that's what he needs I'm ok with it. In fact, it would help me help him. It's just so heartbreaking to see other kids his age talking and doing things he doesn't do yet. 😭


  • I wouldn't compare your child to others at this age. He's still so young and kids really do development at different stages. 17 months is still young for speech. I live in Ireland, where the speech check up is done at 2 years. The fact that your son understands what you are saying is great. And this is own thing they look for when you get the milestone check ups.

    There are probably other parents who look at your child and are amazed at how advanced he is with problem solving.

    I hope your check up goes well. At least it is next week so you will know then how your son is doing .

    I'm no expert, but I think your son sounds like he is doing great and speech will come when he is ready.
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