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Receptive language problems??

Hi everyone,

I wonder if any of you lovely mums dad's grandparents ect can help me..

I have 22 month old with voc of nearly 70 words with some 2 word scentances eg that book copies some 2 words hat on sock on.

What I do not understand is that my little girl rarely uses Mamma or Daddy eg she said mamma car 2 days in row nothing since if I ask. Who I am she say mamma, she say her older sister name, yes she has my attention and picks up words some 2 a day or 6 in a week, directions she not great but improving eg she put her cat on the bin, got her dummy off the high chair bring a nappy, show where body parts are on her me soft toys and  cat, I have older daughter high functioning autism who was very different to. My youngest eg no imaginary play which my youngest has,. My youngest waves but that's rare points constantly answer yes and no questions (started about 2 weeks ago but yes came first) she is late prem at 36 weeks 3 days.. Does any one have experience of lack of family names or mamma daddy xx

Sorry for essay

I have speech language appt in 3 weeks I

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