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December 2018 Toddlers


This is a thread for the lovely folks from our December 2018 Babies thread, whose equally lovely babies are now turning 1 and heading into toddlerhood! 

If you have a toddler (born around December 2018), do please feel free to post here, too, and join in. We'd love to have you! 


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    Tagging all the women from December 2018 Babies - come on over!
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  • Hiii if anyone is there! Charlotte birthday is 18th. We are having a cake smash this Saturday, a little tea party for family on Sunday then spending the day as a threesome on her actual birthday (although we found out today we are actually a foursome! 😳) have no idea how far I am but was feeling sick so took a test and it's a pretty strong positive eek!
    Hope everyone else is doing well.... how are our babies one already!!!
  • Can’t believe my little Charlotte is going to be one next Monday (16th)!! 😢
    she’s the light of our life and it’s going too quickly!! 
    We too are doing a family tea party Saturday as our little family just want bubba to ourselves on her special day!! 💗 Hubbys home so we get her to ourselves throughout the day until we collect max & then her other big brother & sister are home from college/secondary scl! They adore her so don’t want to miss out!!

    Congrats @Danis18 wonderful news 😃 I’ve had 2 further miscarriages since I’ve had Charlotte sadly, one when she was only 4 months & another last month! Totalling 7 losses now & 11 pregnancies but resulting in 4 beautiful children so we are very lucky 🍀 After so many losses it’s amazing that I’ve got 4 really odd & no answers to it all!!

    On a much happier note here’s my gorgeous rainbow 🌈 Charlotte 

    She’s started walking 3 days ago after cruising the furniture for months she suddenly just took off !! Now the trouble starts 😂🤪

    will post on her special day 😊
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