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Weird behaviour changes, changes month to month week to week.Desperate need for help.

Hi all..
I havent got much help from doctors and most have looked at me strange.I have finally been sent for a appointment to check for autism,ADHD, Sensory issues, aspergers or something along those lines as a lot of doctors have now grown concerned.

My 28 month old, I have worried almost everyday since she was about 8/9 months old.
It started with food, she wouldnt chew and couldnt figure out how to chew certain food, for example spag bol, pasta meals, mac and cheese, (adult porriage oats), anything that was lumpy but runny. She would just swallow, and then projectile vomit immediately afterwards, she has gotton better with porriage but still hasnt figured out most textures, she will chew things like cheerios, boiled eggs, crisps, sandwiches, anythin that isnt 'sloppy;'in a bowl because she cant seem to get the concept of chewing it so just gags and spits it out, wont even let me spoon feed her now out of fear of the food. Will let me feed her yogurts, angel delights and sometimes ice cream. But her diet is bad. Still on 2-3 formula, and will most days only eat 1 meals usually porriage, and some toast and then pick eats most days, dinner is almost a no go. She is a healthy weight but her eating level is more of a 12 month olds.

She also didnt walk until very late 16 months, she couldn't pull herself up until 15 months and walkers, and push along walkers terrified her she had a fear of falling. She now has a fear of steping down very small curbs, even ones 2cm tall, its like she imagines them taller then they are.
She is walking fine now, and runs well. She hasnt mastered jumping, but not through lack of teaching her. Although when she stand still she stands with her knees bent 90% of the time.  It looks like a balance problem, but some days it doesnt even show, some times it doesnt show for months on end.

Her tantrums, are extreme.
She will scream and fight every nappy change, clothing changes, it gets to the point where it is a meltdown, a panic attack, shes leaving me with slapped face, scratched arms and face, pulled hair, she will fight it, completely and almost everyday it requires 2 people to dress her and change her nappy, she wont let us play with her she will throw toys mostly at us, shoes and coats are a nightmare, she wont go in a pram, nor walk, she wants to be carried almost everywhere and if you don't tantrums start, anytime bath time is announced, she panics even if i get in with her there's no calming her it has been a quick strip wash almost daily. 
Tantrums are happening at least 2 times an hour, on a daily basis.

BUT the strange thing is, she sometimes and almost always goes back to 'normal' eventually, eats well, helps us dress her, plays in the bath and bathes herself, brushes her teeth herself, brings the nappies to us, sits in pram, walks down the street and doesn't hit or tantrum almost never, and then all of a sudden she flips again. It has been a weird back to forth back to forth for almost a year. I just want to know if anyone elses child is like this anyway.

She is also not very verbal,  she has about 50 words WE can understand, but a lot of words she only say the first syllable like with PIG she will say pi or will plate it will be play, doggy comes out doddy (daddy most of the time).

Is it autism, is it ADHD I myself have adhd and I was not like this AT ALL, and yes we are all different which is why I am here, I just want to see if it sounds bad, if anyone knows what it could be, has anyone got a child like this?

Pleaase any help would be great.


  • I’m responding because I too am desperate for guidance. Your child sounds smarter then you think. My son also won’t do soft foods, such as Mac and cheese , oatmeal,and pasta. I read online that it’s concerning. I’m trying not to dwell on it cause he does well with other foods such as chicken nuggets, waffles, etc. 

    as far as the tantrums go, I think it’s typical. They don’t want to be bothered with us.. they want to continue their activities. My son won’t lay flat for a diaper change, so I change him standing up. I just go with the flow and hope for the best. Keep us updated on the diagnosis. Good luck! 

  • My niece was behaving like this and in the end of the day when she turned 20 months they started noticing autism in her and before doctors couldnt tell. On top of that she wouldnt talk until she turned 4 and wouldnt walk independently preferred to be in the stroller all the time. But I hope it's not the case for you. Maybe you should change your health professional and seek help somewhere else because they need to look into it 
  • Ayana- are you responding to me or the original post? 
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