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14 month old toddler sleep problems - have you experienced any?

EvernessEverness Regular
edited Jan 24, 2020 9:19AM in Toddler

I would like to ask if you have experienced sleep problems with your toddler and if so when, how long they took and how did you manage them. 

For me we are having a bit of trouble now, my DD is 14 months old, since her newborndays she was sleepin in her cot in our bedroom, she would fall asleep on her own, no problems. Until she was 8-9 months old, she started to require me to help her be put to sleep, mostly by nursing to sleep. But now she fights even that. Since December she won’t sleep in the cot for nap time (I either had to put her to sling or carrier to fall asleep, or my hubby started taking her out for stroll) so now I always go out with her and she would fall asleep within first 50 metres out 😂🤦🏻‍♀️ And night time is edition of its own. She has same bedtime routine since she was small, but now if she is having a good day she would fall asleep during nursing or she would be quitw drowsy and I would put her down to her cot and she would wiggle  around there and fall asleep, but that is not happening at all for a week now, as as soon as I put her to cot she would wake up crying. She ends up sleeping in our bed, but she wiggles so much so I have to be on my toes all night to check if she is not in a risk of falling down. The thing is she recently added to this mix (yay! 🙈) - she would wake up crying as hell during the night, always. 
So I am just wondering how many parents have had problems with toddler sleep, how long for and how did you manage? I am off to buy a nice book about sleeping, thinking about sleep consultant etc, what did help you? 


Have a nice day mamas ☺️


  • It is so tough and I sympathise.  I haven’t found the magic answer and we also really suffer.  Do keep firm with your routine, and don’t give into the crying.  My DD is 22 months old and we still have horrific troubles at bed time. 
    She can scream for up to 2 hours when put in her cot, and actually gets angry during her bed time routine. Throwing her book and bottle!!  2 weeks ago, she woke up from midnight to 5am - I had to get up at 6.30am for work - it was horrific.  We often - actually every night bring her in with us in the early hours as she just doesn’t sleep well at all.  We do what we have to, to survive! We often go through cycles for a week or 2 where we have a terrible time and then just when we reach breaking point she seems to have a couple of more settled nights 🤷‍♀️
    The only advice I have had from others which helps, is to limit the amount of time they sleep during the day.  Also when I put her in her cot, I always make sure she is calm before I leave and re calm her, but never take her back out of her room.  She is at the stage where she knows it’s bed time and she doesn’t want to be left alone - she I think has separation anxiety.  But I often need to work in the evening as I do flexible working and have to make up my hours......
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