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21 month old not talking yet

My 21 month old only ever says "dada" but uses it for everything, she also doesn't point or wave. But she did used to wave (for some reason she stopped and won't do it now). 
Is there anything I can do to help improve her speech? Me talking to her, reading and playing don't seem to help and sometimes I wonder if she even understands me because she doesn't respond at all or if she brings me a wrapper that has nothing in it and I say it's all gone she'll just stand there and have a meltdown if I throw the wrapper away even if I say it's all gone. 

She doesn't copy any sounds I make either, I keep trying just simple ones like mama, baba, and g sounds. 

She used to say mama, dadaddun (which was what she said for Grandad), dada, yes, and she also used to wave.

Now she doesn't say anything or gesticulate at all, she doesn't seem interesting in copying me either. Sometime I don't know if she's just blatantly ignoring me or if she can't hear anything I'm saying. I've taken them to the doctor and they just said her ears are a little bit waxy and sent us home. So I don't know if she has hearing issues because I don't know if that would be able to be picked up just from them quickly looking in her ears.

How can I help with her speech? Is it normal for her not to be talking at all anymore? Has anyone else experiences similar and things turned out fine?


  • Hi there,
    im in the same boat. My son uses a handful of signs appropriately, responds to name etc but won’t mimic me or noises. If he says words it’s appropriate for that time. It’s very very very rare. Pediatrician is not concerned and neither is early intervention which starts services with him soon. Just waiting for a miracle...
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