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Teaching a toddler how to read

Educators, Parents, Child care Providers..pls help!

My almost 4 year old can spell words, at her level, off the top of her head. She knows her blend letters yet when we ask her to read the words in sentences she ignores what she sees and guesses what she rememebrs. Eg.
ME: Zo, spell get...
Zo:  GET...
Me: Read this sentence with get..
Zo: Calls it something else..

What can I do to fix this ?? 


  • I think you’re worrying too much, what she already knows is a great achievement for her age already :) but I understand your frustration my daughter (age 5) can read the word everyone but only if it has a capital E if it has a lower case e she has no clue what it says 😂 every other word she’s fine with apart from that one 😂 
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