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Getting rid of dummies

BarberchickBarberchick Regular
edited Apr 12, 2020 11:25AM in Toddler
I’ve just taken my daughter dummy last night . She is 2 and half but she is so heartbroken and she would only have it for sleeps but cried all night for it . I feel so bad . But we left it for Easter Bunny . 
She said but i’m Still a baby Mum. 
Dummie please ? 
Made my heart break. 
Now she is wanting it again to for day sleep . What everyone’s idea on getting rid of dummies ? 


  • my daughter is four and she still has hers, it hasn't affected her speech in any sort of way atoll, her teeth are absolutely fine and she only has it at night for bed and wants it if she's feeling poorly. Personally I don't see a problem with them, if it gives them comfort and its not affecting their speech or teeth. My son is 2 and he also has one he adores it and again he gets so much comfort from it at night and if he has a day nap. Of course everyone is different and have their own views on them but for me I really haven't got a problem with them, they will grow out of them when their ready. I wouldn't let my daughter take it to school or anything or when we go out its only used for nighttime and she's very content with that. We tried at Christmas to see if she wanted it to go to santa she agreed then realised she wouldn't have it and was really really upset so we didn't. None of mine took to comfort teds or blankets so I don't wanna take their dummies. Do what you feel best hun xx
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