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the best 7 magic phrases for your child

 I discovered that if you say important phrases to your children at night, then many problems are solved by themselves.
1) "You don’t need to do anything for me; I love you for what you are. ” 
2) "I am very glad that you are here" It especially helps those for whom the child was not very desirable.
3) "I'm glad you're a boy." If you, for example, wanted a girl and for a long time could not accept the gender of your child.
4) “Dad and I love you very much, you are our son” - the keyword here is “ours”. 
5) "I'm sorry ". The phrase is suitable if, during the day you had a fight, there was no understanding. Do not beg for forgiveness - it breaks the hierarchy. But apologize - and say that you are very sorry, worth it.
6) "I'm proud of you". It especially helps when you are trying to make a child out of who he is not - and who may never be. It helps those children who are very different from others 
7) "I love you". Three magic words against every problem if you do not automatically pronounce, but with all your heart.
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