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Tall and heavy toddler - car seat

Morning everyone,

My daughter (2 and a half) is fairly tall and is heavy for her age - 99th centile for weight sand about 91st for height. She is almost 18kg so will be out of her current car seat really soon.

I'm looking for car seats that not only go up to 36kg, but have a harness option for up to 25kg - the ones I've found so far are Joie Bold (25kg) and Britax Advansafix M i-size (21kg). I know most seats won't be harnessed after 18kg, but I don't think she's old enough to be in a belted seat yet.

Are there any other ones you would suggest?

Thank you :) x


  • Hi, I have just seen this post, so you may be sorted already! There are not many car seats with a harness that goes past 18kg. There are a few extended rearfacing seats - axkid minikid is a great seat.

    the diono radian 5 also can take up to 25kg

    the joie bold is the most cost effective seat. But do make sure that you have a top tether in your car, as it is fitted using the isofix, top tether and seatbelt.

    hope you found something!
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