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Warning Poo pick ! TMI is this normal

hi I wonder if anyone can help me my daughter has switched from formula to whole cows milk. Her poo since has become play doh like and the colour pale yellow/beige has anyone else experienced this? We took her off follow on formula as she was getting chronic constipation and she seems happier talking a lot more asking about so that bit I’m not concerned. Any advice please xxx


  • Hi 👋 I had similar issues with my son. He’s 15 months now and I switched from follow on to whole milk at 13 months. His poo went pale too, so after reading up a bit I increased his veggie intake to make sure he had some each meal and kept his sippy cup filled up with water. I add Ellas kitchen prune purée to his porridge, peel and chop an avacardo for his lunch, always add peas to his pasta, and give him cucumber sticks as an afternoon snack. I’m certainly not a veggie guru but I find these little additions really help move things along a bit. Hope this helps and let me know how you get on. I’d welcome any tips if you find anything else that works xxx
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