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What can I do if my daughter won’t go to sleep at night

edited Sep 14, 2021 7:05AM in Toddler
My baby won’t sleep at night and she’s one years old don’t know what to do?


  • Just.keep.going

    That's all we can ever do! Strict bedtime routine, calmness and persistence. My daughter has only just started being consistently good at bedtime and through the night at 2 years old. They're not babies forever!
  • Hi Shaune
    Have you tried putting on relaxing music or making the room darker and putting a night light on that sometimes helps. The other thing that I have found useful is to to make a strict bedtime ritual. For example having quiet time before bedtime no TV or computer games and just bath time, story sleep or try winding down about an hour before bed and just doing quiet activities it is a tough time it is is just a matter of working it out. Good luck with it
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