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Pores on my 4 years old daughter

Hi, recently I noticed that on my 4yrs daughter has pores ( quite visbile) on boths side of her cheeks. I smt put suncream on when she goes to nursery, smt not when it is cloudy and when she at home. She plays outside more then before. So I dont know bc I never apply suncream more often or I put it too much, then when she is hot it blocks her pores. My husband to me that bc skin needs to breath so pores open when you r hot and sweating. Buy I am still thinking why and how??? She is my first one so I dont have experience . What should I do to protect her skin? 

Please help. 
Thank you. 


  • Please somebody help, I do need some opinions. I checked again that she was out a lot on 1-4th June, and I never put suncream on ( I feel very guilty about that) I dont understand why I've never put suncream on these days. So do you think because of that cause pores on her face. I cant do anything lately because thinking about that. 
    Thank a lots! 
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