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Open Pores on 4 years old daughter , please

Please somebody help, I do need some opinions. I checked again that she was out a lot on 1-4th June, and I never put suncream on ( I feel very guilty about that) I dont understand why I've never put suncream on these days. So do you think because of that cause pores on her face. I cant do anything lately because thinking about that. 
Thank a lots! 


  • oh dear so sorry to hear that, but have you tried to ring your GP/take her to chemists?
  • Hi, thank you for your respond. I've tried to phone GP few times, but they all said no appointment available , but since I mentioned pores on my toddler face, they said immediately that there is no any appointment left. Maybe I have to take her to see the chemist. But thinking what had happened. We were out most of the day before 15/06 and I've never put suncream on her face at all( I've done this last year, and I've never put on this year and I didnt know why ) and I think the sun damaged her skin make pores lager. Even thought, everybody said : it wasnt the case, but I think it caused that. I cant change everything now, but I would like to know how to make sure they dont get any lager? But seems not easy to find anyhelp.  I feel stressful, blaming myself a lot because of this. 
  • I would suggest to take her to see a chemist asap x
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