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Things Stuck Up Noses

Yesterday my 2 year old stuck a polly pocket shoe up her nose. She came to me pointed at her nose and said "shoe gone". Luckily it wasn't too far in and I could pull it out with the tweezers. When my other daughter was 3 she stuck a bead up her nose but I couldn't get that out so we had to go to hospital and they got it out with some long tweezers. Has this happeed to anyone else?
from sarah


  • Hi Vicky

    The "shoe gone" bit made us laugh after the event it just wasn't funny at the time. Still I think that she learnt her lesson as the only thing she put's up her nose these days are her fingers!

    from Sarah
  • Im with you all on this one,my 2year old loves to stick cotton buds in his ears and up his nose.Oh and another laugh for ya,me hubbie once got a chopstick shoved up his nose by his nephew,horrible i no but i stil cant help laughing.bless.x
  • Hi ann,rileys just discovered that one,after countless times of nose picking and saying yuk at the sight of a bogi now loves to eat them,what to do,do we leave them to it or what.xx
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