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You can't rush potty training but when you and you little one are ready put the nappies away during the day. When you get them dressed put them in pants and clothes, put them on the potty every 15-20 mins to start with then as they get used to it lengthen the times and eventually they will tell you when they want to wee or poo. But be prepared for plenty of wet clothes but don't give up and put a nappy back on. if you have to go out use pull up pants and as soon as you come home get the pull ups off and the pants back on.And only put a nappy on when you get them ready for bed.
I started potty training my 2 year old in July and now she asks to sit on her potty and she's fine for short trips out for longer trips like shopping I use a pull up just in case we can't get to a toilet quick enough. She still has odd accidents but not many.


  • My oldest daughter was potty trained by her 2nd birthday and night trained at 26 months. Now she's 3 and can use the big toilet by herself. Every child is different and will do things at his/her own pace.
    Please don't force your little one as that can make things harder. Perhaps you could pop your little one on the potty every couple of days until he/she gets used to it. At first, chances are they won't do anything but when they do a wee or poo in the potty, make sure you give out lots of praise. Don't stress if they are not interested in the potty, they will soon enough!
    Good Luck!
  • My son was 3 last week and was basically toilet trained months ago. But for the past few weeks he won't ask or tell us he needs the toilet. If we ask him if he needs a wee he always says no. It's very frustrating because I know he can do it!! Does anyone have any tips or advice?
  • Hi rileys 2yrs 3mths and has been realy keen on using the potty,so much so i was aiming to be dr through the day but poor little begger has judt got this new viral bug which is the sickness and upset belly but the upset belly can last for up to 13 weeks,we have had to send samples off but still awaiting the results.Its ahrd as this is the only thing holding him back.
  • I wish i had heard of ec or ipt sooner because I honestly think i missed our best opportunity. Adam has been showing signs of readiness for ages - can hold it in. can tell me when he needs to go and can release it when he needs to. However the life of a 2 year old is full of distractions so whilst according to modern potty training techniques he is ready I dont think its developmentally the right time - in fact its far to late. With ec or ipt though you get them used to eliminating on the potty so they never become trained to just let it go in their nappies. Also you do it at a time before they can walk or maybe even crawl and they spend so much longer either in your arms or close to you. this makes it easier to read their signs and get them on the potty when they need it. With this way of doing it by the time they reach the age of 2 or 3 using the potty (or even the toilet) is already second nature.

    On the other hand you wait till they show signs of 'readiness' and you find they at a stage where they get thouroughly involved with playing or whatever else they are doing; they have become so used to just letting go in their nappies that as well as teaching them a new habit you have to break the old one; they are a lot more independent then a baby under one so whilst theyre never miles away from you they will happily play at a distance from you which makes it more difficult to spot when they need to go. trying them on the potty every 10 minutes or so can work for some toddlers but if I try to put Adam on the potty when he doesnt need to go he gets very annoyed and it makes it more difficult to get him to go on when he really does need to go.

    As I said furthur up i really think i missed an opportunity and that Adams stage of development isnt compatible with potty training. Another thing about modern potty training is it leaves a lot of the work to the child where as ec and ipt are a team effort so as well as being practical can strengthen the bond between parent and child. I was relying a lot on Adam communicating verbally to tell me when he needed to go but in doing that i was missing his physical symptoms. i now use a lot of the ideas from ipt even though Adam is to old for me to really do that. It has made it a little easier although still very frustrating because once again the stage of development hes at means i sometimes miss them.

    Needless to say with any children i have in future I will be doing ec from birth - i dont know why i ever questioned it because now im actually at the so called potty training age it makes perfect sense!
    Maisy been potty trained since before her 2nd birthday, but has only just got the hang of pulling her own underwear down (sees now 3). i think its because i didn't let her try to do it on her own i just did it, also maisy now got be more independant since been at preschool.
    He will learn what to do in his own time.
  • Hi all

    Riley is oing well after constant trying,he used to have lots of accidents so we also stopped for a while but have picked it up again.He is 2yrs 6mths and is quite happy to use the potty and toilet,he still needs a little prompt of asking or i take him to the loo when i go but we are getting there,he can manage to get his pants off but puts both legs in 1 hole when trying to put them back on,shouldnt laugh but its so funny.

    Ive not pushed him into it and let him get going when he wanted and i think thats what has helped this time round.

    Good luck to you with training.

    Emma xx
  • hi all
    maisy has been dry day and nite since before her 2nd birthday. i think it was a fluke, she was just ready i dont think any of you are doing things any differently than i did, but it just take time!!
    with the poo thing at first it was realy scary for maisy she cried every time she needed one, because she didnt understand what it was! but again with time she was fine.
    she would happily wee on potty but had to go to toilet for a poo.
    keep a potty close to hand when i was training maisy i think we had 3 potties one upstairs near toilet and two down stairs! i know this probable sound abit extreme but it worked, she had her 3rd birthday in may and doing great.
    give it time, good luck
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